Different ways in which men can dress well

If you are someone who has never needed to dress up in a formal outfit then you might find it a little hard to work out exactly what you might need to wear, on top of that it can often be down to the occasion as well.

However, if you are someone who likes to dress up well, not just formally but also casually then it might be a lot easier for you, however there are always things that can be added, to help improve how you dress.

When you choose to dress up, you may also need to think about whether it will be a good fit, if it is high quality, versatile, good value, as well as lack of extremes and keeping it relaxed.

With all that being said let’s discuss the different ways a man can dress well, keep scrolling to find out more.

Wear a Suit Well

Anyone can put on a suit, but to wear one well and look good wearing it is down to the suit being a good fit. You also want to look out for wearing a period suit as it could look novelty.

A classic suit is what you are aiming for, not only is it useful but it looks smart and makes the wearer look sophisticated.

Invest wisely into a watch

Watches are often looked upon as a piece of art, it is important that you choose a watch because you love it not because you think people will like it or that you might get better impressions. You wouldn’t buy a piece of art that you hated.

A watch is a personal item it shows who you are, and should make you feel good about yourself. 

However, a watch still needs to fit you that is the most important thing, if your watch is huge and chunky, but you are small and petite, then it is less likely to suit you.

Don’t Shy away from Colour

It doesn’t matter if it is casual or formal, wearing a colourful watch can be great due to it being a timeless addition. You may even want to wear a colour that can be worn throughout the year.

Look after your appearance

This one is very important, if you do not look after yourself, and how you look, you are likely to give off bad impressions to people around you. For example, if you don’t wash, or have your clothing cleaned properly, then you are likely to not be dressed well.

Spend Money on Shoes

People like to look at what shoes you are wearing, if the shoes you have do not match the outfit, then you are taking away from the rest of it.

Shoes are also often very timeless and can be worn in all types of situations, such as a pair of loathers which can be used casually and formally.

A good pair of shoes can speak loudly to people around you.

Keep accessories to a minimum

You don’t want to wear too many pieces of jewellery as it can start to look to flashy or blingy, or maybe even a bit tacky. So make sure that you have jewellery that fits the particular event that you are attending.

If you are wearing a double sleeved shirt than maybe you should try a pair of luxury cufflinks to enhance your look, while if you are at a casual event a watch and a bracelet might be enough.

Dress for the Setting

It is very important that you dress for the correct situation, you don’t want to show up to a black tie event wearing a swimsuit. So be sure to wear something that fits what you are attending.

It is more than often better to buy a suit whether that is a dinner suit or just a regular one, hiring more than often won’t fit you how you need it to.