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10 Ways To Stand Out Of The Box With These Different Combination Outfits

Okay so different combinations don’t mean you need to look like a fool. The safest rule to wear anything unusual is to avoid the colours and hues and stick to black, white, grey, brown and navy, with your jeans being blue. That’s it, not colours that would take a lot of attention and clash with each other.

Just so that you get an idea these are some combinations to try:

  • Red shirt, grey blazer, black jeans
  • White shirt, green jacket, khaki pants
  • Grey T-shirt, black sweater, purple pants

Once you get the hang of playing safely unusual with the neutrals, now go buy a colourful shirt and then do trial and error by teaming them with neutral colours. Don’t flash every colour in the rainbow every time you get out the house. One colour per outfit is all it takes. Theunstitchd gives you various such looks to check out.

A waistcoat with a checked blazer and white chinos looks unusual but works perfectly. Keep the boots simple though.

An over coat worn over a hoodie with ripped denims and lace less sneakers that match the hoodie gives a vibe of perfection.

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A floral t-shirt inside a sophisticated suit looks remarkable.

Navy blue over coat with navy blue suit and a collar t-shirt looks weirdly cool.

A navy blue jacket with green chinos and sober coloured boat shoes looks amazing even though the colours are all different.

A subtle coloured suit and trousers with a striped muffler and a brown t-shirt inside with suede derbies looks perfect with shades.

An overcoat worn over a pair of shorts and a simple tee with sport shoes and a hand bag looks unusually sexy.

Joggers with blue sweater, overcoat over a checked shirt and beanie looks amazing.

These are some of the million different combinations you can try. Tell us your own innovative combinations that you’ve tried. Good luck !



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