The Ultimate Guide On Dressing According To Body Type

Men’s Body Type Guide- Types, Tips, Do’s & Don’ts, Images, Etc


Body shape is generally not something men sit and talk about like women who seem to obsess over it. There may be 2 reasons for this may be men are comfortable with any body shape and don’t want to know about the same in details or they lack true knowledge of it and how to dress according to body type. Well, there are few key factors and few tips that can help men flaunt the body type with stunning style and great confidence. Here this blog will guide men through 5 different body types and few do’s and don’ts while styling.


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Understanding Body Type

Why is it important to know the body type? Well, the only answer to this is only this helps men understand whether they fall in the category of skinny, baggy, tall or short which plays great role in overall appearance. Finding out men’s real body shape is quite easy; just ask a simple question- ‘what your body shape represents’. Look at the image given below with 5 different body types namely rhomboid, square, circle, oval and triangle to identify the right one.


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Key Factors To Dress According To Body Type:

1. Get the outfit tailored for better fit and good results.
2. Give body shape more preference than latest trends.
3. Try to go for standard sized outfits.
4. Focus on the upper body styling.
5. Try to balance the body shape and outfit.

Rhomboid Body Type

This body type has broad shoulder and chest with narrow hips and waist. Mostly all type of outfits goes really well with this type. It’s a perfect gym body shape for men. Here are some tips men with rhomboid body type should follow.

1. Wear well fit shirt or t- shirt.
2. Stripes are a good option to broaden up the narrow waist look.
3. Try out bold patterned outfit to flaunt the look.
4. Don’t wear skinny jeans it will make legs appear like chicken legs.
5. Polo t-shirt looks really good on this body type.
6. Go for slim jeans or well fitted chinos.
7. Never wear v–neck t-shirts.

Square Body Type

This body type is the least flattering one amongst all. Here the body shape has roughly same width of hips, waist, shoulder and chest. Men with this body shape should work hard at gym to broaden the shoulder in order to get prefect body shape. Here are some styling tips square body type men must know.

1. Wear padded jackets, blazers and coat to get an illusion of broader shoulders.
2. Blazers and suits with wider lapel help in getting better look.
3. Horizontal stripe is a good option to try out.
4. Avoid shapeless and loose outfits.
5. Always go for perfect outfit layering to create balance.
6. Accessories like scarfs and mufflers helps in getting wide shoulder look.
7. Men with this body type should avoid double breasted blazer.

Oval Body Type

men's-oval body-type

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This body type is slightly rounded or in oval shape at the stomach area. The shoulder and chest is quite narrow and also give an illusion of slimmer legs. Many outfits look amazing on this type whereas some don’t. Here some tips men should follow if have oval body shape.

1. Try out vertical stripes to get slimmer look.
2. Make sure the sleeve length is not too long or too short s this can break the look.
3. styling dark colours like black, grey, brown will help getting better look.
4. Avoid styling crew neck t shirt and polo shirts.
5. Try out accessories like ties and scarfs to out-focus the stomach area.
6. Avoid too much patterns while styling.
7. Go for right outfit layering.

Circle Body Type

This body shape is similar to oval body shape as it is rounded at the belly area. This body type has broader limbs and narrow hips and waist. This body type seems baggy also make men look fat. Here are some tips for circle body type men.

1. Make sure the trousers or chinos are comfortable and loose.
2. Avoid skinny denims as it will make the upper body seem to wider comparatively.
3. Styling suspenders can shift the focus from the abdomen area making men look slimmer.
4. Try to style suits with pleated trouser to balance both the upper and lower portion of the body.
5. Jackets and coats are saviours for men with circle body type.
6. Avoid styling tight fitted outfits to maintain the look.
7. Try out good colour combinations to flaunt the look.

Triangle Body Type

Triangle body type is the one that emphases more at the belly area. Here the waist and hips area is wider than the shoulder and chest area. Relax, this body shape doesn’t mean men with this type are fat; styling appropriately can make men look stunning. Here are some tips for triangle body type men.

1. Crew neck t shirt is a great option to style with denim or chinos.
2. Wearing dark colours helps getting slimmer and stylish look.
3. To not style a turtle neck t-shirt and it creates a baggy illusion.
4. Vertical stripes will help looking slimmer and horizontal will make men look fat.
5. Blazers, jackets and coats give amazing look if styled correctly.
6. Try to avoid printed outfits to maintain perfect body shape illusion.
7. Wear well fitted outfit as this is a basic tip to dress according to body type.