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7 Parts Of Umbrella You Should Know

Stylish men throughout the ages have carried umbrellas as both accessories and functional tools. You should invest in a well-made men’s umbrella like you would invest in a wallet – look for quality, style, construction that’s built to last and versatility. You need something that will suit your style and leave an impression.  So please dump the black typical umbrella and look out for the ones in fashion.  Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this accessory.

Theunstitchd tells you the best mens umbrellas to keep you dry :

CANOPY– This is basically the main part of the umbrella that keeps you covered. If you’ve ever used a sub-standard one then you’ll know all-too-well how easy it is to rip off the ribs with a strong gust. Ensure the canopy is not loosely attached to the umbrella’s ribs and give the the section a light tug to test for strength and tightness. Also hold the umbrella up against some light to look for any holes in the canopy.

FRAME – A poor frame will have no chance against any strong deluge. Look for a sturdy frame that will resist the wind without breaking. Cheap metal and aluminium frames are light but will buckle under the pressure. Instead, look for a frame constructed of nickel, brass, fibreglass or tempered spring steel. It may be slightly heavier in the hand but it’s a small price to pay.

RIVETS – Never neglect the rivets. These things basically form the bend between the ribs and the frame so if the rivets are no good, you’ll see your canopy collapsing in no time. A solid rivet is superior to the hollow ones and will ensure the longevity of constant opening and closing.

SHAFT – This part of the umbrella is only an issue for full-sized umbrellas rather than the telescopic compact variants. If you’re rocking a full-sized umbrella, ensure you pick the right length to suit your height. Too long and the wind will carry you away, too short and your hair will get caught in the ribs. When at the shops, hold the umbrella up and see where it sits to ensure the optimal shaft length is achieved.

There are also three shaft variations to keep in mind.

Solid Stick One Piece – This is made from one continuous piece of wood which is heavier and thicker to hold than a metal shaft, but it makes up for it in its strength. Classic gents have even used this style of umbrella as a walking stick.

Fit-up Two Piece – Fit-ups shafts are constructed with two pieces of wood and are lighter than the solid stick.

Tube Shaft – This is the common shaft most umbrellas utilise as its steel composition allows for lightness. The tube is hollow which means it’s both lighter and weaker compared to the solid stick.

Have a good monsoon and remember to flaunt your umbrella!  Also, don’t forget to share the blog to your friends on whatsapp.


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