21 Denim Care Tips Men Should Follow

Ultimate Denim Care Guide

21 Denim Care Tips Men Should Follow

A good pair of denim is an important staple in every man’s wardrobe. There are a ton of styles on store shelves that suit every size and shape. When men buy a good pair of denim, they mainly want it to last forever, for which denim care is a must. Remember these tips and follow them to keep your denim look good and also last longer.

Denim Care Tips For Men

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Here Are Few Denim Care Tips For Men:

1. Wash denim before the first wear to stop dyes from bleeding.
2. Add half cup of white vinegar to the water while washing your jeans for the very first time to set the dye.
3. Wash the denim only once or twice in a month.

Denim Care Tips

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4. It is best to wash denim by hand using a mild liquid detergent.
5. Men can also machine wash the denim using a cold setting.
6. Air dry it to retain shape.

7. Use the dryer only if your goal is to shrink the denim shape.
8. If you choose to use the dryer, dry on low heat for 20 minutes max
9. If the denim doesn’t dry in 20 minutes then air dry the rest of the way.

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10. If you think your denim needs to be altered, wash them first.
11. Denim mostly tends to shrink length-wise and hemming prior can leave you with unexpectedly short length denim.
12. To keep jeans fresh between washing, rub it with a tumble dryer.

13. Men can spray denim with a fabric refresher or hang them outside to keep it fresh.
14. The best way to store denim the right way is to hang it from the belt loops.
15. Hanging denim will reduce unwanted wrinkles and creases.

16. Remember while hanging the denim, don’t use hangers with clip.
17. The teeth of the clips can dig into the denim and create impressions on the knees, waist, or cuffs.
18. Spot clean the denim if you don’t want to wash it entirely.

19. Flip out the denim before washing it.
20. Invest in good soaps and detergents to maintain it denim.
21. To get rid of the bad odour, keep it denim in the freezer for some time.