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3 Different Characteristics of the Ripped Denims

Specifics of Ripped Denims

Blue Denim Jacket and Ripped Denim Outfit for men

Ripped denims are easily a part of the modern day fashion and with growing importance to the same it has become important to understand how far can you go with this style statement. How ripped is too ripped?

Here are 3 different styles of Ripped Denims

Ripped denims essentially comprise of certain specific elements that determine how “ripped” they truly are. The three characteristics of ripped denims are: Scrapes, Shreds and Holes.

1. Scrapes

Scrapes are essentially just a small tiny patch that does not even actually tear through the denim or show any skin. It is merely minutest form of damage to the fabric and merely shows the inner lining or thread-work.

Shredded Blue denims, bag ,cream t-shirt

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2. Shreds

Shreds are larger patches of scrapes. However shreds also do not essentially expose any skin and are limited to the upper layer only. The inner layer remains intact and so no skin is actually exposed

Black Shredded Denim,Grey t-shirt

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Ideally shreds and scrapes should be limited to the area above your knee, essentially right above the knees or around the pockets. This is because if they are located at a lower area, the wear and tear or leg movements can further cause bigger tears and while that will not spoil the rugged look, but it might not make you feel too comfortable or stretch out weirdly. The whole idea of buying pre-ripped denims is to make sure the rips are clean and wont shred your entire denim with use.

3. Holes

A hole is obviously just a hole that goes through and through your denim and exposes your actual leg. It shows your skin.Holes are usually around the knee area. They are in the form of a slit essentially. While many men do go for the look where your entire knee is exposed but we would suggest to avoid that look. It might be taking the trend too far. Also, it will definitely not be versatile as you cannot possibly flaunt your knees popping out of a pair of torn denims for every event. But if you are into that look, so be it

Style is about expressing oneself and not about following the majority. However, if you do opt for the same, make sure you test the denims in a seated position as well before you buy them. All the rips and tears and shreds and scrapes, call it as you may, get stretched out when you are seated. So you must carefully test the level of rips you are comfortable with before you invest in a new pair.

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