Colours That Flatter Your Skin Tone- Cloths buying guide For Men

dress as per your skin tone

Colours That Flatter Your Skin Tone: For Men

While I don’t believe in the whole “Blue is for boys and Pink is for girls’ nonsense, I do believe there are certain colours which look better on us depending on our skin tones. Some colours, that compliments us so well that it makes our face seem brighter and make us look good even in the simplest everyday outfits.

Before buying anything you should be aware of the colours which look best on you according to your skin tone.

Watch out the Colours That Flatter you Tone

  • Neutral Colours: The colours that work for everybody are bright red, pale pink, dark purple and teal.

Light Skin Tone:

Generally found in Caucasians, the colours that work for the light skin tone are blue, green, pink, purple and blue. Go for pastels and darker shades like dark blue or dark red. They work really well for you. Keep Black and white to a minimum use. Silver compliments your skin tone very well so accessorize with silver.

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Medium Skin Tone:

These are generally Asians, Mediterranean’s, people of mixed race and the Latinos. Earth tones work very well. Go for brown, tan, Khaki, green, orange, yellow along with grey, navy blue, cream and black. Avoid pastel shades and bright white. Accessorise with gold.

Dark Skin Tone:

People with a dark complexion can really carry off shades like white, khaki, dark purple, plum, grey, red, light blue, orange and pink. Colours to avoid are dark brown and light green. Gold compliments your skin tone very well so accessorize with gold.

Stay Away from people who still believe in –

Blue is for boys and Pink is for girls

Hope this article on Colours That Flatter Your Skin Tone may have helped you out.

If not then Mix and match these colours and find out which colours make you look really great.

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