5 Outfit Colours Light Skin Tone Men Shouldn’t Buy

Colours Light Skin Tone Men Never Own- White, Beige, Grey, Etc

5 Outfit Colours Light Skin Tone Men Shouldn't Buy

Sometimes you must have heard men talking about which colour looks great on them and which looks awful. All this is not only discussed by women but men too. Have you ever wondered what makes your outfit colours flatter or trash your look? Well, let me tell you it’s a skin tone game, yes you heard me right! It is generally categorized in three types namely- light, medium and dark skin tone, I am sure you must be aware about your skin type. Here in this blog I will specifically talk on light skin tone and colours that will flatter your look.

Here are few colours that light skin tone men should not try:

1. White:

I would suggest you to avoid styling white shirt or white t-shirt as your skin tone is pale and white over it will not complement each other. You must have heard that contrast colours look better than same shades. Likely white on light skin tone will merge the colour and won’t give good results. Instead of white you can go for black and it will looks stunning on you for any occasion.


white outfit light skin tone men avoid


black outfit light skin tone men should style

2. Light Grey:

Light grey again being one of the light colours that flatters dark skin tone doesn’t excel on light skin tones. Light grey will not reflect its amazing colour on your skin as it will look a bit dull and may even break your classy look. It is difficult to choose perfect colours for pale skin as it doesn’t enhance all shades on you. Dark grey will look amazing on you and it can be styled in variety of ways.


light grey t shirt light skin tone men avoid


dark grey outfit light skin tone men should style

3. Beige:

Beige colour is very similar to light skin tone and wearing this shade will be completely foolish. It will seem that you haven’t worn anything on top and may also seem a bit unfashionable. I would recommend you should not opt for any light shades like off- white, cream or light brown to maintain your stylish look. You can replace beige with dark brown from your wardrobe as it will look classy and also enlighten your look.


beige t shirt light skin tone men avoid


brown outfit

4. Sky Blue:

Sky blue is no doubt a cool colour but it doesn’t go well with light skin tone. As I earlier mentioned that light shades don’t pop up on light skin shade you should avoid it. While I say don’t go for it, I don’t mean it will look extremely bad but it will not boost your style. Instead of sky blue you can go for navy blue as it will look absolutely remarkable.


sky blue t shirt light skin tone men avoid


blue outfit light skin tone men should style

5. Gold:

Don’t accessorize your outfit with gold as it doesn’t look good on light skin tone. Gold bracelet, watch, cufflinks, tie pin, studs or rings would not go well thus don’t invest in them. Silver accessories are a best option you can try out.

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