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3 Ways To Wear Burgundy Blazer In The Most Stylish Way Ever!

Burgundy suit might seem like a big commitment so you can always opt for a blazer or suit jacket instead.

Sure a burgundy suit is popular and exciting, but not all men are okay with such high fashion and so baby steps is all you need. For this you can easily start with just a basic burgundy blazer or suit jacket. The look is not loud but interesting and fashionable as well as unexpected especially if this is not your usual fashion game!

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  • White and burgundy is surely a wonderful combination especially if the white in question is a white shirt. This look can be completed with denims for a more sexy and charming look or with trousers for a more serious and mature style statement.

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  • The white V-neck with burgundy is pretty much as suave as a t-shirt can ever get. This look is definitely casual but can be easily pulled off at fun parties, outing with friends etc.

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  • Black shirt with the jacket in burgundy is a yummy treat for the eyes because black truly brings out the deeper shade of burgundy like no other. An all black accessory combination can only make the final look more complete.

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Burgundy jacket is much more versatile than one would imagine and if you are at a fence then the best advice is to go for it. The jacket will add in the style to your wardrobe much more comfortably than the suit and if you want to try a new color, this is exactly what you need. It is not a crazy shade and yet very sexy!



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