Versatile Blazers That Men Need For Work & Play

Blazer Guide For Men- Fabric, Colours, Types, Tips, Etc


Blazers are no doubt the most versatile clothing piece in every man’s wardrobe as it can be styled in variety of ways from formal to casual. It really helps in pulling off the look with great ease. But there are few who don’t have knowledge on how to style it, how to layer, which accessories to style, what type of blazer one should prefer, which are the trending colours and many more. Here this blog solves all the questions related to blazer fabrics, colours, types, and styling. Read the blog and excel blazer styling with ease!

Blazer for men

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Here are 3 Types of Blazer fabrics Men Should Try Out

1. Linen

2. Cotton

cotton blazer

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3. Wool

Here Are 5 Blazer Colour Men Should Own To Flaunt Their Style

1. White

2. Black

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3. Blue

4. Brown

brown blazer for men

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5. Beige

Types Of Blazers:

1. Structured:

Structured blazers are more about fit, body shape, inner jackets, linings and padding. It contains of more defined shoulders which enhances the body shape and helps in flaunting the style. It’s more about formal look.

2. Unstructured:

Unstructured blazers are more relaxed and softer. It hugs close to the body and gives great body shape. Compared to structured blazer it is thinner which makes it idle to style during summers.

How To Wear Blazer The Right Way: Styling Tips

1. Make sure the t-shirt or shirt styled under the blazer compliments the look.
2. It’s very important to go for mix pattern and good colour contrast to maintain the look.
3. Go for blazer colour wisely keeping in mind the skin tone.
4. Know the difference between casual and formal blazer before styling it.
5. For casual look jeans and t shirt with it will look great.

6. Accessorize it with pocket square, watches and lapel pin to enhance the look.
7. It should be slim fit at the arm and the sleeve should fall exactly above the hand.
8. Make sure to get it tailored if wrong-fit.
9. Avoid slim fit blazer if skinny this will break the look.
10. The shirt collar should rest against the blazer collar.

11. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight it should be a perfect fit.
12. Make sure the length is idle and reaches the hip bone. Avoid too long or short one.
13. Avoid same pattern as that will surely break the look instantly.
14. Crew neck and polo t-shirt work really well with blazers.
15. It can be layered on sweaters and cardigan during fall.