The Best And Worst Summer Fabrics You Must Know About

The hottest season of the year is almost here. So revamp your wardrobe and let go of the layers and jackets. This is also the best time to experiment with colors and fabrics. Wearing bright and poppy colors like yellow and red or opting for subtle shades of pastels will definitely refresh your look for the season. Summer fabrics also play an important role so you have to choose wisely.

The best fabric will save you from the heat while the worst one’s will leave you drenched in sweat. So to make your summers better, here’s our summer fabric guide.

Below we have listed, the best fabrics for summer. These fabrics will make your sunny days a lot more better. So head down to know what they are…

Here are the Best Fabrics To Keep You Cool This Summer…

  • Cotton

Talk about summer fabrics and not include cotton? That is just not possible! Cotton is undoubtedly the best fabric for summers.It’s lightweight, soft and breathable nature makes it perfect for the hot sunny days. It allows air to circulate and absorbs the moisture.

Lighter tones work best with cotton fabrics. You can opt for cotton chinos or shorts and rock it with a tee or shirt.

  • Linen

Heading to the beach? You must rock a linen outfit then! If cotton is not your choice, then you can opt for linen. The best part about linen is that it will keep you dry and stop you from overheating. It is also more durable than cotton and extremely comfortable.

So do not forget to add at least one linen shirt to your summer wardrobe.

  • Chambray

Love denims but looking for something that could fill in it’s space this summer? Then chambray is what you should opt for! Chambray is lighter, softer and woven differently than denim. So if you really can’t let go of your denim love then try something similar, something cool.

You want to look good but not at the cost of being uncomfortable right?So it is important to go for a fabric that’s comfortable and light. A fabric that allows air to pass and keeps you cool during the hot and humid weather. And trust us, these three fabrics will surely help you beat the heat.

Now that you know what you should be wearing in summers here’s our guide for the worst summer fabrics.These fabrics are a big no no and should be avoided under all circumstances. Now lets not waste time and check out the worst fabrics for summer…

  • Polyester

One fabric you should definitely avoid in summers is Polyester. This fabric traps sweat and resists moisture making it a not so “ideal fabric for summers”.

  • Nylon

For summers, you need something that is breathable and keeps you cool all the time. And nylon would do the total opposite of it! Nylon being a synthetic material traps heat and sweat against the skin causing irritation and discomfort.

  • Acrylic

Similar to the nylon, acrylic too comes under the “worst summer fabrics” category. The material can often be hot so it is better to avoid wearing it in summers.

  • Fleece

Fleece is made from polyester which makes it best for winters but worst for summers. It will trap heat and moisture making it very warm and not suitable for this hot season.

These were a few materials that will cause you discomfort and leave you sweaty in summers. But you don’t want that right? You want to look cool even if it’s a hot, warm weather. So avoid these fabrics and invest in the best one’s.

We hope this guide helps you and makes you summer better and enjoyable.