World’s most important Fashion Weeks

Nothing is more exciting for style enthusiasts than a fashion week – an event where designers, brands, or “houses” showcase their latest collections to buyers and the media. Below are the four most prominent fashion weeks that are held in the fashion capitals of the world (New York, London, Milan, and Paris). 

1- London Fashion Week 

London Fashion Week started very late but it didn’t take long for the semi-annual event to earn a big name in the world. London’s inaugural show was organized in 1984, which was a time when fashion shows were not very developed and rarely attracted notables. However, in 1986, the then-Prime Minister Margret Thatcher attended the event and proved its appeal to the dignitaries too. 

London Fashion Week has made great strides within just 37 years, and now it contributes a huge £269m income to the city. 

Apart from its financial significance, London has the distinction of launching the careers of many influential designers, which includes the names of John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney, etc. 

2- New York Fashion Week 

New York Fashion Week is one of the four major fashion weeks in the world and is quite significant economically to the most populous city in the United States. The event brings in an estimated £439m income every season, which is the highest of the Big Four. While around 150,000 visitors are attracted to the city every year because of the famous fashion week. 

Eleanor Lambert was the founder of New York, and its inaugural event took place in 1943. The American fashion publicist played a key role in the emergence of New York City as a major fashion capital. 

Calvin Klein, Badgley Mischka, and Michael Kors are some of the most famous designers that frequently appear at New York.  

3- Paris Fashion Week 

Paris Fashion Week is one of the most well-known events in the world, with influential designers from around the globe showcasing their collections here. Its first event took place in 1973 and saw the participation of famous personalities like Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, and Oscar de la Renta. 

The French government couldn’t handle the expense of renovating the Palace of Versailles, so they thought a fashion show would be a perfect fit for that purpose. And that’s how the first Paris Fashion Week was held. 

It brings £58m income every year, while 30,000 visitors are attracted to the capital thanks to the prestigious fashion week. The series of designer presentations are held at venues throughout Paris. 

4- Milan Fashion Week 

Milan has the reputation of being the most glamorous fashion week of the Big Four. It was first established in 1958 and soon went on to become one of the most prestigious events. Milan includes about 64 shows every year and attracts around 22,500 visitors to the city. 

Some of the most famous fashion designers who appear at the shows are Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Prada, and Fendi, etc. Milan Fashion Week attracts some very famous personalities too, with recent attendees including Cindy Crawford, Cate Blanchett, and Julianne Moore. Even the most famous football player of all time and sports icons can be spotted at the glamorous events in Paris.