Athflow Fashion- What Is Athflow and How To Style It

Here’s everything you need to know about the athflow fashion in 2021…

Kick off the suit and bring in the “Athflow”.

Haven’t heard this word before? Well get used to it now! According to Pinterest’s latest fashion prediction of 2021, athflow is when athleisure meets elegance. It is the new go-to lounge wear. Flowy pants, casual jumpsuits, oversized and co-ord outfits are going to replace the athletic clothes. This new fashion trend is professional enough for the office, stretchy enough for yoga and comfy enough for the couch. So basically athflow is going to be your new back to work outfit for the season. 

This year is going to be all about comfy clothing. Lounge wear is going to take up more space in our wardrobe. But you’ll need to be a little creative on your part. Add a layer or two and make your typical lounge wear a stylish work wear outfit. Just like you did for your zoom meetings during the lockdown?

Wear a blazer on a tee and pair it with your joggers. You can also try the modern trousers and rock it with a sweater or tee. There are endless ways to style your favorite lounge wear. If you’re looking for some outfit inspiration then head down to get some ideas.

Here’s how you can rock the athflow in 2021…

Modern Officewear Outfits

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When Athleisure Meets Elegance

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The pandemic changed our life forever. Zoom calls and virtual meetings became a part of our everyday thing.Pajamas, sweatpants, joggers and oversized sweaters were our new best friends.So transitioning from this relaxed and comfy outfit to a suit was nothing less than a nightmare. But thanks to “athflow”, now we can happily get back to work in our cool and comfortable loungewear.