How to choose the right fabric for men?

Women have been using fabrics to develop gorgeous ensembles for ages. But men mostly stick to ready-made garments when it comes to dressing up. Now is the time when men need to experiment and wake their creative selves up. After all, trendy outfits are the rage these days.

But the problem men face is the lack of knowledge on mainly three things.

  1. What should be the design?
  2. What fabric to use to complement the design.
  3. Where to get the fabric.

Well, today is the day your queries will get solved. This blog is a complete guide for developing an outfit from scratch. The solution for the third problem that is where to get the fabrics is simple- Fabcurate. A one-stop destination for all your fabric needs.

Here are some design and fabric ideas to ease your task.


Fabrics you can use- Cotton Cambric, Linen Textured, Rayon, and Glazed Cotton.

If there is anything that has been resembled with men for decades, that is a shirt. It is classy, comfortable, and looks dope. You can go for a full sleeves shirt or half sleeves, depending upon your liking. It is a base garment so; it should have a feel-good sensation on the skin. 


Fabrics you can use- Velvet, Corduroy, Cotton, and Linen.

There is nothing as classy as men in a suit. It is true that a vast population of women instantly likes men when they are dressed in a suit. You can step into a suit to attend a formal event, a wedding, or a casual brunch date. You cannot go wrong, and on top, it makes a striking statement.

Trench coats

Fabrics you can use- Suede, Poplin, and Twill.

Street looks are making the world go crazy. And in this crazy world, you should not feel left out. Trench coats are an essential part of the street style and a basic necessity for wintertime. But if you fail to pair it nicely, it can break your whole look, hence style wisely.

Indian Kurtas

Fabrics you can use- Silk, Handloom, Rayon, and Linen.

Indian kurtas portray richness and royalty. So, it becomes more than important to choose the right style and fabric. You can go with a simple yet elegant design or a cowl in the front or a button-up kurta. Choose according to your taste and preference. However, it will make you look all brushed up and polished.


Fabrics you can use- Denim, Corduroy, and cotton.

Your bottoms can make or break your outfit. Therefore, well-structured bottom wear is important. Denim jeans are apt for a casual look, and cotton chinos for a semi-formal. Slim-fit trousers always win hearts. Take your pick.