An evening to remember .. With Chivas Regal!


So it started with a casual plan with friends to spend an evening at the Taj for some drinks. Preferred choice being Chivas Regal. That started off with a bang when we were surprised to learn that we were lucky enough to win their exclusive customized cuff links. Let’s not even discuss the style aspects of the elegant cuff links because its association with Chivas was charm itself!  #ChivasRegal #WinTheRightWay

Well it did not end here because that’s when we learnt that this time the inspiring, exclusive and A-lister GQ man of the year event is not only sponsored by Chivas but also decided to include loyal fans in on the event. This event is fashion paradise and epitome of inspiration with celebs like Ranveer Singh, Amitabh Bachchan and even Kalki, Deepika Padukone! Yes man of the year felicitates and appreciates women power as well! 

It was surely an opportunity of a lifetime for the beautiful, fashionable and fortunate winners of the event. Pragya and Nitesh sparkled in their wonderfully fashionable ensemble setting trends for the young generation. Mr. and Mrs. Naresh and Jyoti Shah inspired us to understand the relevance of elegance and style. Mr. Chandrakanth dazzled in his inspirational indigo tie! 

It is always a wonderful event when fashion is clubbed with excellence, success and GQ Man of the Year is just exactly that! 

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