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12 Rules Of Tuxedo Every Man Must Follow!

Here are the rules that will clearly guide you through your tuxedo decision and will ensure you remain on point.

Tuxedo is the classic attire for men of class and elegance. However often men tend to screw it up by adding unnecessary patterns and using loud colors for the same. While that is suitable based on the occasion but for the classic black tie event you need your classic tuxedo. Here are the rules that clearly guide you through your tuxedo decision and will ensure you remain on point.

Rule 1

Tuxedo has to be in the shade of dark jet black. If you own just one then it has to be a black one but if you own more than one then once you have your black, you may opt for like a dark Persian blue. That is all the variation you can opt for. But surely 2 sets of black are good to go!

Rule 2

When it comes to your jacket, you can opt for either single or double breasted jacket. Single is preferable as it is easier to find a good one also you existing jackets will be single breasted as you rarely see a double breasted jacket around these days.

Rule 3

Your jacket should have either a shawl collar or peaked lapel. Shawl collar is just a smooth drop collar with medium thickness that tapers at the end with a plunging neckline. Peaked lapel on the other hand has a bit of a pattern just below the neckline. It is peaked at this level and is thus called peaked lapel.

Rule 4

You can try a side vent but the ideal situation would be no vent at all. A center vent at the back is the one you must avoid. Vents are not acceptable because the fitting has to be just perfect and the final look without the vents is much more disciplined than the one with the vents. But if it causes you discomfort or restricts your movement then you may opt for side vent.

Rule 5

The buttons are going to be covered in the same fabric as your jacket. So your buttons should not be uncovered and even so should be covered in the exact same fabric.

Rule 6

Trousers will also be the same fabric as your jacket. This is a very important rule. All pieces of the tuxedo should be of the same exact fabric. Also there will be a line on outer side of your trousers on both legs. Also tuxedo trousers do not need a belt loop as you wear it a bit higher and also use suspenders.

Rule 7

The evening shirt is always white. The black and white contrast is a great combination. Folded French cuff with cufflinks is the perfect decision for your shirt. Tuxedo is an all formal black tie style and thus the look has to be completely formal. Also pleats are preferable as compared to plain shirts. Shirts may also not have buttons at all which is the classic style. Cufflinks or studs will be used instead and make sure these cuff links or studs are metal and match your watch and also your belt buckle if you opt for trousers with belt.

Rule 8

Dress watch is the one with classic dial and a metal border with basic leather strap.

Rule 9

For your bow-tie you need the classic black bow-tie. Do not opt for fancy colors or patterned bow-ties. That is absolutely not acceptable for the classic black-tie look. You can opt for full-butterfly, semi-butterfly, straight end or conical end bow-tie.

Rule 10

Waist coat or cummerbund is the two options that you need to wear over your shirt in order to set a strong ratio between the white shirt and the dark blacks.

Rule 11

For your footwear you can opt for the court shoes with a shiny dress leather or even oxfords with the same dress leather finish. Bellmore oxfords give you the best final look.

Rule 12

As for your accessories, you can opt for a smart white pocket square or boutonniere like carnations. Suspenders are the classic style but sock garters can also be used. Make sure your watch has a black leather belt as well. Your socks will be black and make sure it’s a nice tight fit.

This is a disciplined style and has to be worn correctly for the sharpest final look. Also make sure you are clean shaven with nice and controlled sleek hair.


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