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3 Outfit Ideas For Men To Rock The All Black Attire

There have been a million fashion trends in fashion that come and go, but there is something endlessly timeless about the colour black. People who love the colour black, know exactly what I’m talking about. Those who aren’t that handy with the colour try the styles out and you will definitely start loving the black attire. There are numerous things you can experiment in all black.

It’s quite difficult to get all black wrong. Unless you are totally unable of getting dressed and cant sport a black shirt, black jeans and black sneakers. Not only is this style easy to wear, but also pretty much combines with everything. No, black attire not monotonous or boring; it can in fact give you an opportunity to flaunt your specifics.  A gold zip, an asymmetrical line, or a stitching detail, your watch, pocket squares and any other small thing that you want to flaunt. Especially, your shoes get an opportunity to look sexy. Black with white soles or some splash of colour in there is all good, also some leather shoes or wooden looking shoes would look classy.  Now that you have some ideas, here are some items that Theunstitchd has picked out that might help you.


It looks best when a simple black tee is paired with ripped black jeans below or shorts. Sport a suit in hand or a hoodie or a sweat shirt. Sport a cap or hat, a black simple or trendy watch, and black sport shoes with coloured soles, or ankle length shoes (under shorts) and polished boots or brogues and sneakers. This will for sure make your Saturday evening memorable.  Also, just a tip: wear a sexy perfume.

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This one’s my personal favorite; in this look, let’s lose any other colour and just commit to black. Look decent with a crisp black button-up shirt worn under a sharply-cut black suit jacket. Paired with slim-fit trousers and patent tasselled loafers, then finish the sleek look off with a black tie and pocket square, which will make an impressing statement while giving off an air of mystery. Oooh la la!

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Sport a long coat or a black leather jacket over a simple black tee or zipped tee inside with a plaid pant or black jeans underneath. Try out different shades of black in all the layers of clothes to add variety. Go rock the world,bro!

These are just few of the many styles that can be tried out with all black. You can use your imagination and try out many more and team them up differently. Whatever the occasion, black is an ideal colour to turn to. Timeless, sexy, easy to wear and always the most sober and sophisticated; black attire can never be underestimated. Do let us know if you try out any other look with all black!



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