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Accessorizing Your Waistcoat Made Easy

We bring to you three ways to accessorize your waistcoat and take it up a notch.

It does not take more than a little effort and creativity on your part to turn any designer apparel from being an extension of its creator to being a representation of your individual style. Don’t be a designer’s mannequin, accessorize and make the outfit truly your own.

With this idea in mind, we bring to you three ways to accessorize your waistcoat and take it up a notch.

3 Simple ways to accessorize a waistcoat!

1. Pocket Watch:

Carrying a pocket watch became fashionable when English Renaissance was at its peak during the 16th Wrist watches gained popularity post WWI. A pocket watch is, like the name suggests, a watch made to be carried in your pocket. It comes with an attached chain to be fastened to a waistcoat. Pocket watches today are available in myriad colors, designs and sizes. You can pick any one depending on your look and need.

2. Pocket Square:

A pocket square is a great way to pop some color or spunk into an otherwise somber outfit. You can play with colors and patterns and try different folds to stand out and make a lasting impression.

3. Lapel Pins:

Suave. Fun! Lapel pins are a great way to showcase your personality and peacock your look. Take a look at the different options available for styling at Top Trending Lapel Pins

Take pride in the way you look and people are bound to notice you.

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