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4 Types Of Suspenders You Should be Knowing Till Now

Invented by Albert Thurston, Suspenders are fabric or leather straps. They were designed to be worn over the shoulders to hold up the trousers. The straps form an X or a Y shape at the back.

They are either devised from woven cloth with elastic attachment ends or are fashioned entirely out of elastic material. Suspenders have leather tabs at the ends to be attached to trousers using clips or buttons.

They were once the staple for each man. It was the era in which men’s trousers were high cut and the belt proved to be an impractical solution. They lost their popularity post World War I, when men became used to the convenience that belts offered.

But the style was revived and made iconic by Hollywood. With Daniel Craig looking sexy sporting this style as 007! Other famous celebs who have donned this look and made it legendary are Larry King, Michael Douglas in “Wall Street” and of course who can forget Al Pachino as ‘Michael Colerone’ in his epic movie “The Godfather”.

They are a sure shot way to add some spice to your wardrobe. It will give you a break from the same old trouser or denim and belt routine. Plus they look good and make you stand out. Normally suspenders are preferred for a casual look but James Bond has proved how dressy and formal they can be. Suspenders, thus become a versatile choice to try out different looks. For a casual look you can sport it with a tee and for a formal look with a dress shirt.


But before styling the looks and making a bold statement with suspenders, one should be aware of the different types. There are five in all. Quite simple and easy to follow. They are:

1. Dress Clip Suspender:

These types of suspenders come with metal clips as attachments. They are generally considered less classy but are more convenient in case you want to team it up with pants that do not have button holes. But care should be taken as they are known to damage the fabric over a period of time when clipped on.


2. Black Tie Suspenders:

Black Tie ones are your ultra glam and super classy statement pieces. They are called so as they are worn for formal black tie events. The quality and style quotient runs high with this look.

3. Work Suspender:

These are your rugged and heavy suspenders which are durable and made to withstand anything that comes their way. They are designed to provide flexibility of movement and are generally worn with denims or other heavy work pants.

4. Undergarment Suspenders:

Undergarment suspenders are fashioned from very soft fabrics. Their prime objective is not style but comfort. They are designed to offer support and are worn below your undershirt. They are invisible and usually available in hues similar to those of skin tones.

So guys, add some funk and charm to your wardrobe with some suspenders this season!


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