6 Killer Tips For Taller Men To Look Stylish & Attractive

If you’re a tall guy, you need to keep your eyes open and your mind too. If you’re not a tall guy but your friend/brother is, you need to pay attention to this tall men’s guide. Shopping clothes for a tall guy is tiring. Long legs and long hands, they seem to be a big problem when your t-shirt sleeve falls short and your jeans tend to look like your younger brothers’ who’s apparently shorter than you. But that shouldn’t make you hate your tall self. We all are gifted unique bodies just to accept the way they are and love.

Here in this blog vanish all the worries of tall men and make them feel proud of their tall selves.

1. Don’t Settle

If you’re not satisfied with the clothes that are visible to you while you go shopping, don’t settle. There are many sellers selling clothes that’ll fit you right. There’s a huge crowd of tall men. And the market walks on demands and supplies. We are sure you remember that lecture in your class. So don’t settle until you find your perfect fit.

2. Avoid vertical lines and stripes

Do not wear anything with vertical lines or stripes; it will only make you look longer. Go for horizontal stripes, they balance the drama really well.

3. Cuff your jeans and pants

Cuffing gives a shorter appearance. When you cuff your jeans the length of your legs tend to look short. Cuff it with style.

4. Embrace Layering

This is one of the best hacks to shift focus. Wear sweaters and shirts, vest and more. Layer your clothes.

5. Trust a Tailor

Trust him and he’ll take all your worries and return you in the form of a perfect fit.

6. Avoid

Oversized t-shirts and Long V-neck T-shirts are to be avoided. They make you look fragile and they make your neck look long.


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