5 Known Suit Cleaning Hacks For Men

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5 Viral Suit Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Suits Look Brand New

We all expect our suits to look clean and new but we forget the fact that after wearing them it is likely to get dirty. Many of you must be spent a huge amount on dry cleaning when it’s not needed as it can be done at home easily. It’s very important to go cleaning regularly thus this blog is a complete guide on suit cleaning hacks. Read the blog for 5 simple DIY suits cleaning hacks which will give your suits a second life.

Here Are 5 DIY Suit Cleaning Hacks For Men

5 Viral Suit Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Suits Look Brand New.

1. Brushing The Suit:

Suit cleaning is not a big deal; this is one of the simplest hacks for men to try out at home.
Step 1: Place the suit jacket on an even surface or hang it.
Step 2: Keep the suit as it is to settle the dust on the fabric.
Step 3: Take a suit brush or a regular brush to dust it.
Step 4: Clean the suit in the vertical direction to maintain its look.
Step 5: If need rub the brush over the stain to get rid of it.

2. Cleaning With Cloth:

All those who are not handy with DIY here is one easy way out to get it right.
Step 1: Identify the areas that have stain or dust on suit.
Step 2: Dust the suit using a suit brush.
Step 3: Take a bowl and mix one part of white vinegar and two parts of water together.
Step 4: Take a clean white cotton cloth or sponge and dip it in the mixture.
Step 5: Get rid of excess water from the cloth/sponge by squeezing it.
Step 6: Rub it only over the stains gently. Make sure you don’t rub the cloth over the entire suit jacket:
Step 7: Hang the jacket on the wooden hanger.
Step 8: Let it dry naturally.
Step 9: Do not blow dry.
Step 10: Apply body spray/perfume to get rid of the vinegar odour.

3. In The Washing Machine:

This suit cleaning hack is ideal for those who don’t want to dry clean their suit frequently.
Step 1: Add stain remover to the water in a bucket.
Step 2: Take a brush, dip in the water and tab it under armpits, cuffs, and collar. Make sure you don’t scrub it, just gently tab it.
Step 3: Put the suit jacket inside the home washing machine.
Step 4: Add soap, softener and prewash in the washing maching.
Step 5: Select hand wash mode to prevent any damage.
Step 6: Select no spin to maintain its shape.
Step 7: After the washing is complete take out the jacket and hang it on a wooden hanger.
Step 8: Straighten the lapel and cuff to avoid any wrinkles.
Step 9: Let it dry naturally in open air or under fan.
Step 10: After it is dried completely, iron it.

4. Using Sticky Tapes & Scissors:

This hack is ideal for those who don’t have suit brush and those who have to get rid of stains and dust immediately.
Step 1: Identify the areas that have stain or dust on suit.
Step 2: Take a sticky tape and place it all over the area with dirt.
Step 3: Press the tape so that the dirt sticks to the tape.
Step 4: Remove the tapes gently.
Step 5: Using scissors cut all the loose threads.

5. Steaming The Suit:

Steaming the suit kills the odour creating bacteria and also keeps the suit fresh.
Step 1: Place the suit on the hanger.
Step 2: Prepare the steamer for using by pouring in the water.
Step 3: Steam the suit using down strokes.
Step 4: Don’t over steam it as it may damage the suit.
Step 5: Let the suit dry.

Easy Suit Cleaning Hacks
5 Viral Suit Cleaning Hacks.
5 Suit Cleaning Hacks For Men
5 Viral Suit Cleaning Hacks!
5 DIY Suit Cleaning Hack That Will Give Your Suits Second Life
5 Viral Suit Cleaning Hacks