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5 Looks – The Crazy White Pants!

Men’s Styling Guide- 5 Ways To Style Your Crazy White Pants

White pants are suddenly all the rage this summer and will continue to be so for few more years because they have been iconized! They are comfortable and symbolize elegance and class. Even in vintage period, white pants were a color for the elite. There are several styles to wear them but remember this is a casual look which is great for parties and dates but not such a formal work look!

Here is how to style White Pants like a pro!

1) Linen Shirt

Linen shirt is your summer relief, the “cool for the summer” look. This is a style that is very pocket friendly and versatile as well as extremely comfortable especially in the summer heat. What you need is a basic cool colored linen shirt in light shades of blue, lemon, beige or just any subtle color. The color of your shirt should be subtle as it must compliment your white pants. This is strictly a casual day time look. It is great for breakfast dates and lunch with friends. White pants are sure to leave a lasting impression!

You should go for black shoes say monk straps or loafers if you wear a shirt in shades of blue or grey. Otherwise go for brown or tan shade. Your watch and belt should match your shoes. A neat trick is to fold your sleeves up to your elbow. This is irresistible for all women for some unknown and unidentified reason. Plus it is perfect for the casual look.


2) Denim Shirt

Denim shirt with white pants is not a safe or comfortable outfit choice. It is a fashion statement for confident men who love the limelight. This is a smart look that works well for a lighter shade of blue denim shirt but you can opt for a darker one as well. Just don’t pick a very dark shade. Now the factor that brings your look together is brown. You need a nice brown belt, watch and smart brown brogues, monk straps or loafers.

This look is great for lunch dates. It is a very impressive look. Also it is great for a casual outing with maybe your office colleagues or clients, for showing them your once in a while casual ‘day off work’ style.

3) Blazer Look

This is the classic prince charming style that will suit younger men a lot. All you need is a nice smart blazer (anything except black or white) and your white pants. You can wear a shirt or t-shirt in a shade that compliments your blazer. Basically if your blazer is a dark navy blue then wear a shirt or t-shirt in shade of blue. This will help hit the spotlight on your white pants.

For this look derbies or monk straps are pretty much a necessity.  Also you should go for tan shade for your shoes and accessories. This is a smart date look. It has a romantic vibe to it. It also works well for maybe office lunch.

4) Suit look

Okay let us first clarify one thing here, this is a suit look but not one that can be worn to work as a formal suit. This look is good for parties and family events. You need a formal suit jacket and a pocket square for this look over a clean white shirt. Your suit jacket can be navy, grey, brown and maybe even a black with some print or tweed herringbone. Your footwear will be brogues. This is a very cool and edgy look that works well for parties. Your pocket square will add more spunk to the look.


5) Sweater Look

This is the best look of them all. All men have the basic and classic round or v-neck full sleeves sweater. Wear it over a shirt and keep your crisp collars out for show. All you need now is the perfect brown belt and brown leather watch with a smart big dial. It is obviously a winter casual look and is the most fashionable one too in that respect. Go for full winged and fancy brogues for the best look or you can opt for loafers. Make sure your sweater is a single colored plain one and not in black because black and white will make you look like a panda. This look is great for breakfast dates or casual outings. Also a great look for picnics if it is not going to be a very messy one.

Also make sure to remember these 5 points while wearing your White pants.

1) Make sure your white pants are always brought out during the daytime as it is a bright day time style.

2) Also it should always be well kept and clean.

3) Your white pants should never be tight fitted or skinny. You should opt for narrow fitted ones if you have a slim body structure or regular fit if you are a bit on heavier side.

4) A great way to get rid of fresh stains is by using lemon to clean it up immediately but you have to be really careful with these!


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