5 Items You Should Never Buy Cheap

2. Sunglasses:

A must have to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun as also the dust and pollution around us. If you buy something which does not meet the required quality standards then whatever you spend on them is actually wasted, since it does not fulfill the purpose for which you have purchased it. Then what is the use? Pick a pair that is strong, that properly covers your eyes and if necessary get prescription sunglasses.

3. Winter Jacket/Windcheater/Raincoat/Trench coat:

These are some of the outer apparels that when brought wrong can lead to major health issues. You buy these to protect yourself from the perils of the weather. If the quality is not good you may get a cold, cough or run a temperature which can cause you to miss a few days of school, college or work. Miss out on something important. If it aggravates further, you may have to shell out for medical expenses and doctor’s fees too.

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