Casual Dinner Outfit-5 Smart and Casual Dinner Outfit

The best dinner outfit is the one that combines the maturity of a man with the youth of a boy. This look is specially for the college goers who wish to impress their college sweetheart! However men of any age can carry this off for a casual diner to a sports bar or lounge!

1. Your perfect dinner outfit for a casual dinner is a “perfect fit” right pair of denims. It should be regular fit for heavier men and slim fit for lean men! Not ripped or torn or distressed or washed. Basic dark blue or black denims! It is a dinner and you must respect the efforts your friends or family who took to dress up by not going all casual.

2. Pair your dinner outfit off with a nice black or Persian blue shirt. You may even go for t-shirts if you have a jacket on! Don’t be afraid to experiment with maroon, lime, white etc. but make sure it’s not tacky! Your shirt color should match your skin tone. Very fair guys should avoid really dark shades as it just makes them look even brighter. But the tanned guys can pretty much opt for any color, it all looks charming!

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3. You may or may not wear a jacket based on the weather.

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4. But don’t forget to fold your sleeves right if you skip the jacket! It is important to pay attention to such minute details like how to roll your sleeves right! Wear a nice watch, black dial for dinner nights!

5. Try horse-bit loafers or casual brogues that match your belt in shades of brown or mauve.  You may slip socks if you can get rid of the stink! Mauve is a very sexy shade! It really makes a woman feel like you took efforts to look good! But you can always go for a brown shade! Also Remember : Your belt and shoes need not be of the exact same color. They should just belong to the same shade. It is alright to be a bit off, this is obviously not a client meeting!

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Most importantly, don’t forget to open the door for the ladies and pull out the chair! Don’t let the waiter do this for you! Insist on doing it yourself.



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