5 Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid To Work This Summer

Be summer ready and create the right impression at work.

Summers! The time of vacations, time to kick back and enjoy the sun. When I think of summer I think of the beaches and the pool parties and the cool drinks. But this is what I think about. In reality, summers are hot and where I come from, they are hot as hell so much so that I can feel myself melting.

Vacations and pool parties’ sound fun but the reality is still the cubicle at work waiting with pending files. It’s at times like these when we feel the need to dress down. Summers are a bane if you are required to dress in a way that makes you feel hotter still.

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But work is work and there is no point avoiding it. And office comes with its own set of etiquettes. You can’t wear anything you want just cause you are feeling hot. The most you can do is dress comfortably in breathable fabrics. There are a number of style tips for summer, summer fashion, summer colors, summer wardrobe must-haves, but I have put together a list of things to absolutely avoid this summer especially to work.

Office is a professional zone. Here you are judged not only on the basis of your work but also your behavior, etiquettes, ethics and style. Yes, style too, I am not saying that the stylish are appreciated more but its more about taking pride in the way you look.

So keeping this in mind, I feel more than knowing what to wear to work one must first absolutely know what to avoid. Below are listed the five fashion faux pas men generally make. If you don’t make these mistakes then my friend you deserve a pat on the back but if you have, then fret not for you can still make amends.

Here Are 5 Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid To Work This Summer

1. Shorts:

Great for time pass. A cool look for the beach or the pool party. But sadly not an impressive choice for office. Most offices adhere to a dress code and even casual Fridays are not so casual. The rules are rigid in some offices right down to which brands are allowed or ambiguous in case of some where you kind of know what generally works. Shorts are only ok if your office environment is relaxed and allows such casual dressing. In case you are lucky to land a job in of such cool offices, please make sure your shorts are not too tight or too short. They should be well tailored. I would recommend Bermuda or chinos style with a t-shirt and boat shoes or loafers. Avoid socks.

2. Flip Flops/Thongs:

Again you are thinking “Beach” when you ought to think “Office”. Quit day dreaming! It wont magically teleport you to the beach, you will still have to work. Please, for humanity’s sake don’t wear flip flops with formals! I can’t even describe how big a faux pas that is! Sandals, loafers, slip on’s, boat shoes and fashion sneakers work if you wish to ditch your boots or formal shoes.

3. Singlet/Vest:

This is appropriate only for gymming. They have no place at the office. If you want to show off your body there are better and more subtle and decent ways to do it. You can opt for a short sleeves t-shirt or shirt with sleeves just ending over your biceps. This way you can flaunt your fitness with more style.

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4. Slogan Tees:

Very cool and extremely laid back and casual. These look great especially when picked right. So wondering why they are on my list. It is because they make you look younger, like a boy having fun, not a man on the job. So keep them for your day off.

5. Color Coordinate:

Balance is the secret to good fashion. Do not go overboard with the colors. Neither play too safe that you end up looking boring. Find a middle ground. Because admittedly spring/summer is a season when you feel like adding a dash of color to your life. But remember just a dash or a dab, not an explosion. Pair something in color with a neutral shade. Whether it is your bright hues or soft shades or pastels or deep tones, pair them up with neutral colors like black, blue, white, and grey. Do not clash prints, patterns and colors. Even if the world is ending tomorrow you don’t have to wear all your colors at once. Let the clown keep his job please!


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