How to Style Your Blazer? 5 Stunning Blazer Looks for Men

There are several blazers to pick from but if you wish to check out what’s hot, read on!

Typically, there are 2 ways to classify blazers – Closure and fabric. Apart from this you have several prints, patterns, pockets and modern cuts but the basic classification is based on these two factors. On the basis of closure you have the following options:
a.  2-button single-breasted
b.  3-button single-breasted
c.  6-button double-breasted

On the basis of fabric, you have options like Cashmere, linen, serge, worsted wool, flannel to name a few. The main four shades for classic blazers are navy, blue, sage or bottle green and red or maroon. Your overall style will either be that of a sports blazer or a classic blazer. The prints and patterns will also vary based on your personal preference and current trends. But these are the basis for classification. Once these factors are identified, it will narrow down your search.

Once you get past the stage of finding your perfect blazer, there comes the question of styling. While it is fairly easy to style a blazer since it goes well with anything, there are some looks that stand out, some that are trending and we will merely point in the direction however, the final look is your personal style. Feel free to find the right style for you and tag us in the caption below to win a chance to be featured on our page.

Here are the top 5 Blazer looks for you..

1. All Classic

The all classic style is for men that prefer the vintage styles and classics. You can never really go wrong with classic style. This comprises of your choice of blazer, undershirt in lighter shades like white and baby pink or light blue, chinos or cropped pants or trousers. You will finish off the look with boots or brogues or derbies, sunglasses. This is the classic suave style rooted at the origin of the blazer style.

As you can notice, there are a lot of options because this is more of a casual elegant style. You can choose comfort. Thus, blazers are much more cost effective as its styling elements are right out of your existing wardrobe. While brown or tan are the colors of choice for the footwear, black works just as well. Solid colored blazers are ideal for this look. The Blue blazer with white or cream pants is the iconic style but you may alter the elements to fit your wardrobe and personal style.

2. Denim fever

If you love the celebrity style, then this look is for you and the good news is that it is most cost effective of all the looks. In fact, it might be right out of your wardrobe. This is a mature style so the denims you will opt for will be clean cut well fitted denims. Cropped denims will also work for this look. Again, you should wear a smart shirt rather than t-shirt but t-shirt also works for this look as long as it is a plain solid colored t-shirt. You should avoid distressed and washed or misfit denims because this is not a casual college look.

Boots or leather loafers are the best bet for this look but alternatively you will also spot some celebs pull off this style with sneakers and it works just as fine for a casual street style. Sunglasses are a must! You may also add pocket square and a smart hat to finish off the look.

3. Elegant charm

This look is a bit mischievous and young. And by young, we mean young at heart! It is definitely a style for all age groups. For this look, you will style your choice of blazer with shorts. It is definitely a modern style and ideal for boat parties, beach parties or casual day time outings.

Baby Pink Blazer and Tshirt with White Shorts

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Sneakers or loafers will work well with this style based on your event and venue. You can pair it up with a basic t-shirt for a more casual daytime look and with undershirt for a suave style. It is definitely considered a more modern style but this has been the choice of outfits even for vintage fashion. You can beat the heat with ease with this look.

4. Faux-suit style

This is a very basic style and most men substitute this look for a suit look. Your suits are classic, homogeneous and consistent. Blazer with trousers will not be a suit just because they match. Blazers are fitted different as they are meant to be more body defining while suit jackets are of a comfort fit. Also, prints and patterns or brighter shades with different collars and closures will take it off the path of a classic suit look and what you end up with is the delicious faux suit look!

Now don’t get us wrong, this is itself is a classic style and men can really rock this style however a difference should be understood because if you go for formal events with a specified dress code, the same should apply. For this style, because the goal is the suit look, you will opt for formal leather shoes and maybe even add few fun elements like bright and catchy pocket squares and ties or a fedora.

5. Winter look

Blazer is your best friend for winter fashion. It will protect you from the cold and breeze as well as make you look your best dapper self! Now this look obviously comprises of a lot of layers. If you do not live in a very cold climate or do not wish to get this layered up, you can dress just s many layers as you desire. Generally speaking, blazers are perfect for winter. The fabric you will opt for winter friendly fabrics as well e.g. wool or moleskin etc

A plain shirt with smart thick collar, a layer of plain basic round neck collar just merely showing off the collar of your shirt, trousers or cropped chinos and your choice of blazer. This look will have a bit more winter feel so you should opt for more subtle and darker colors. Leather brogues, derbies work but oxfords will really bring in the charm. Alternatively, boots also work perfectly fine. You may add scarf, pocket square or brooch as per your choice and style. The look in itself is also wholesome with out any add-ons.