15 Dapper Ways to Style the Classic White Undershirt

Undershirts may look quite basic and boring. However, these boring undershirts are a must if you’re one of those who sweats a lot. The Undershirt saves you from bad body odors and sweat.They come in a variety of colors and you can choose them as per your wants. But the most common yet classic White Undershirt would be the safest of all.You could pair them up with any color without a thought.

Time is changing and fashion too. Apart from the formal way, the other trending style includes an undershirt with a shirt, basically a dress down look. You could also try a floral,plaid,striped shirt or a jacket with an Undershirt. It is literally the coolest way to wear your shirts or jackets.You can keep changing the colors of the undershirt and wear the same shirt too. This way you’ll have another new outfit to wear.

You can pretty much wear this outfit to any event whether it’s a date, a casual day out with your boys or somewhere you’re travelling to. So to help you, we have found a few ways to style the Classic White Undershirt that you need to check out and try as well..

Here are 15 Dapper Ways to Style the White Undershirt..

   1. White Undershirt with a Floral Shirt and White Pants

   2. White Undershirt with a Blue Floral Shirt and White Shorts

   3. White Undershirt with Pink Shirt and Shorts

   4. White Undershirt paired up with a Black Floral shirt and Black Jeans

   5. White Undershirt with a Floral Shirt and Floral Pant

   6. White Undershirt paired up with a Plaid Shirt and Jeans

   7. White Undershirt with a Red Plaid Shirt and Jeans

   8. White Undershirt paired up with a Pastel Blue Shirt and Chinos

   9. White Undershirt with a Printed Shirt and Black Ripped Denims

   10. White Undershirt, Green Striped Shirt and Brown Chinos

   11. White Undershirt with a Brown Striped shirt and Black Jeans

   12. White Undershirt, Mint Green Shirt and Off-white Chinos

   13. White Undershirt, Leather Jacket and Plaid Trouser

   14. White Undershirt paired with a Green Jacket and Denim Shorts

   15. White Undershirt with a Military Green Jacket and Blue Ripped Jeans

Now you want to know what the cherry on the cake is? You could wear the same outfit in 3 different ways- The only Shirt Outfit, The Shirt and Undershirt and lastly you could also wear the White undershirt with Blue or Black Denims. However, we would recommend the shirt and the undershirt duo but you see how wearing these undershirts can benefit you in so many ways. So try them out and we are sure you’ll love them!!