The 5 Best Winter Fabrics That Will Keep You Warm This Season

Here are some winter fabrics that you must include in your winter wardrobe…

The bright sunny days are gone behind and the cold weather is here to stay for a while. It’s time for a full wardrobe transition because your summer wardrobe won’t help this season. Your summer fabrics like the cotton and linen would have to relax in a corner until the next summer because now they’ll be replaced by the winter fabrics like wool,corduroy,fleece and many other.

The season of layering is here and so is the time for winter fashion. This is the best time to experiment and showcase your styling skills. An outfit done right would get you compliments but an outfit styled wrong? Now that would call for attention and that too for all the wrong reasons. But, don’t worry! Because what are we here for?

Follow our tips and tricks to never make a fashion faux pas! We will guide on everything that’s needed because all we want is the best for you.

Now like we already said, winter fashion gives you the freedom and opportunity to flaunt your styling skills.You can play with different colors, patterns, prints and fabrics too. But the one mistake that anyone could possibly do is mismatch too many colors or prints or pick the wrong fabric. So to avoid any mistakes and to up your style game this winter we’re here to help.

Today in this blog we’ll be sharing our knowledge of winter fabrics that will not only save you from the cold days but will also look extremely stylish if don right!

Here are 5 Best Winter Fabrics That You Must Add To Your Winter Wardrobe…

  • Corduroy

Known for it’s wales, the corduroy is a soft, thick and comfortable fabric that will take your winter fashion game one step ahead.The best thing about this winter fabric is it’s versatility.

You could rock a corduroy shirt, trouser or jacket and slay your winter outfit anytime, any day. Also do not forget about the gorgeous color options that are available too.Colors like mustard, burgundy or red will be perfect for winter!

So now without a thought, go add some amazing corduroy outfits to your winter wardrobe!

  • Cashmere

Cashmere is the most expensive winter fabric but definitely worth it! Now if you ask us how is it made and why is it so expensive? Here is the answer!The cashmere comes from the soft undercoat of goats bred specially to produce the wool.This undercoat consists of dense,soft and thin hair that is further used to create fabrics.It is these distinct qualities that make this winter fabric an expensive one! A cashmere overcoat is the best thing to invest in if you’re looking for some luxe winter fashion item!

For someone who doesn’t want to burn a hole in pocket, could opt for something less expensive.Like,a classy cashmere scarf! This scarf will definitely add an edge to your style.

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  • Flannel

Flannel is a lightweight fabric that makes it appropriate for fall and winter. It was once a popular work wear choice but now flannel shirts and pajamas are everybody’s favorite. You can simply rock a flannel shirt with denims and leather jacket or wear it as jacket over a basic tee.

Flannels have come a long way and they are here to stay. Extremely comfortable and ultra stylish, you just can’t avoid them during the winter season.

  • Fleece

The modern Fleece is a fabric created from polyester. It is one of the most softest and warmest fabric that you will keep you cozy all winter. The versatility of this fabric makes it the most used fabric in the textile industry. Many items like jackets, joggers, gloves, scarves and blankets are made from this fabric.Fleece is also a durable, comfortable and affordable winter fabric which makes it our favorite thing to wear in fall and winter.

  • Leather

Leather is actually like an “all season fabric” and a go to option for many. It is also a popular choice to opt for when it comes to outerwear. An original leather fabric will keep you warm by trapping your body heat and keeping it inside. It’s an extremely warm and comfortable fabric that looks stylish too. So according to us, it’s the perfect thing to wear on cold days and up your winter style game.

You can pull off a leather jacket outfit anytime irrespective of the season(except for the summers).The rugged leather boots makes for a stylish footwear option to rock the streets in winter. Leather gloves will definitely keep your hands toasty warm during the cold wintry days. So now keep experimenting and put on your best winter fashion outfit this season.

One important thing to remember about the leather is that it keeps getting better time but only if maintained well. So if you invest in one make sure you care for it too.

Now you know a lot about the popular and must have winter fabrics, don’t you?

So now clear up your wardrobe and make space for these in your winter wardrobe. Because it’s time to take to your winter fashion game to the next level and rock the cold days without compromising on comfort!

Also let us know if there’s anything more you’d like to add to the list:)