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The 4 Must Have Colors In Waistcoats

Below is a list of colors that are trending in waistcoats because they are stylish, suave and super versatile.

A waistcoat is a great statement piece. It works well formally as well as casually. The trend is slowly picking up and is now quite popular. Considering that a waistcoat can be worn independently or used to layer another outfit or as a part of an ensemble, makes it very desirable especially if you want to get more from little investment.

Below is a list of colors that are trending in waistcoats because they are stylish, suave and super versatile with respect to styling and are also aesthetically pleasing.

The 4 Must Have Colors In Waistcoats

1. Black Waistcoat:

A great companion for your tux, a black WC in silk with a Black suit, a crisp white formal shirt, a black tie and a pair of black dress shoes creates a great Black on Black look. This look creates an enigma or mystery. Plus creates the illusion of flow vertically making you look taller and slimmer than you are. A Black waist coat is great for formal black tie events or for dressing down by chucking the suit jacket and dress pants for a pair of dark denims. The dress shoes can be substituted with boots.

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2. Navy Waistcoat:

A navy waistcoat goes well with tan and beige when paired in contrast and even white and different shades of blue if you want to dress up. Blue goes well with many colors, lighter tones, deeper shades as well as pastels. Instead of going for a solid Navy WC, you can even experiment with pinstripes.

3. Grey Waistcoat:

A grey waistcoat whether in charcoal or light grey looks vintage and elegant. I would recommend a windowpane waistcoat in grey. The checked design will make you stand out whether you wear the WC with a jacket, blazer, suit, cardigan or as is with a button down.

4. Brown Waistcoat:

A Brown WC especially in tweed is perfect for summer as well as early fall. It will give a nice rustic and earthy feel to your appearance.

These are the four major Waistcoats colors I would recommend for beginners.

For the pros, I would suggest olive green, burgundy, white, and gold. The white and gold are too loud for any patterning. Keep them simple and subtle and go for solid colors. If you wish to try patterning then you can experiment and play with the olive green and burgundy shades.

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