4 Go To Fabrics For Summer

4 Summer Fabrics For Men To Try In 2018

The best way to tackle the summer heat is to get our armour right. Our protective gear is the clothes that we wear, that shield us from the blazing sun and its harmful rays. Hence care should be taken when dressing for summer. The wrong fabrics can cause immense issues for the skin. Due to the heat and perspiration, plus the irritating fabric rubbing against the skin may cause rashes, inflammation, redness, irritation, and soreness.

The right fabric has to be able to offer some relief. It should be breathable, light weight and absorbent. We have come up with four fabrics that can help you beat the heat in style and most importantly comfort.

4 Go To Fabrics For Summer

1. Cotton:

Flexible. Comfortable. Versatile. Affordable. Strong. This is Darwin’s dream fabric. Most people will have something or the other in this fabric in their closets already. Cotton is light weight and breathable. Plus it is very soft against the skin, be it any skin type.

2. Linen:

Just like cotton, linen is strong and light weight. It is woven in such a way that whatever the temperature, you will not feel this fabric getting in your way or being a burden or hassle in any way. It helps you stay cool. Linen’s water retention capacity is extremely high and therefore I would recommend it to people who perspire a lot so that there are no embarrassing sweat stains on their apparel. Apart from this there is one more quality of Linen that makes it a good choice for summer. Over time, while washing and drying makes the cotton fabric coarse and weak, causing it to fray and tear, Linen with time only gets softer.

3. Silk:

It is a little expensive, for most people it is a luxury item. But you can wear it for some occasions. Imagine an Indian wedding in May. Everyone is expected to deck up even the distant relatives. You may be a distant relative, a close relative, a friend or the groom himself. In such cases cotton does not look suitable. You are expected to dress up in something rich and heavy. This is when silk comes to your rescue. It is light weight. You do not feel hot and it looks splendid and elegant.

4. Light Weight Wool:

This is not the heavy wool that you wear for winters. This is the tropical wool that is thin as it is woven less densely. Most of the suits are made in a woolen fabric or a woolen blend. Summer vacations are in school not office. You still have to brave the heat and go to work. If you are higher up on the corporate ladder or in a more formal office environment, it will be expected that you dress formally in suits which can be a real problem in the summers. Here the tropical light weight wool appears as a knight in shining armour and gallantly rescues you from the perils of heat and occupational hazards. It is a great substitute and does not even wrinkle.

Hope these fabrics help you get summer ready! Also we have blogged few articles that will help you to fight summer. –

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