4 Different Ways to Accessorize With Men’s Jewelry

Most of the time we think of jewelry as things that women wear, but men can wear jewelry too. Rings, chains, necklaces, and more are all unisex, but while for women jewelry tends to be an accessory that completes a look, men have it a bit differently. Whenever it comes to men with jewelry, they find that they have to work a little bit harder to get the jewelry to work with their ensemble. 

Plus, they often wear the jewelry incorrectly or don’t use it to tie their look together, which can make it pretty hard to fully accessorize. But all is not lost, and if you take the time to fully accessorize with jewelry as a man, you can really look amazing. Here are some different ways to accessorize as a man!

  • Simply Have Some Confidence

Just like you would try on a few pairs of shoes or a new suit, don’t be afraid to try on some jewelry. Go to a store that specializes or focuses on jewelry for men and simply look around. Try some things on, get a sense of what everything looks like, see what colors, materials or types of jewelry will fit on you, and then pick a few things and wear them with confidence. Jewelry is an enhancer and it is designed to make your outfit better.

If you know what type of jewelry you like and what type will enhance your outfit, you should simply wear it with confidence. That is the best way to make sure the accessory works for you.

  • Keep It One Metal

You are going to want to pick some gold jewelry or some silver jewelry tones, not both. You want your jewelry to focus on enhancing your natural outfit, but not overpowering it. So make sure to pick one metal and stick with it. For starters, gold is a very warm color that goes well with very dark and earthy tones like browns or greens. 

Silvers are neutral colors and don’t clash with a lot of colors, but they also don’t stand out too much either. Still, if you like to wear very dark clothing like black or gray suits, you can easily accent them with a bit of silver. Especially if that silver and gold come from planet and consumer friendly sources, because sustainable vintage jewelry is something everyone can feel good about wearing.

If you want silver to stand out, you should choose chunky jewelry. Chunky jewelry is versatile and can be used for semi- casual occasions but it can be used for special occasions where you want to add a touch of glamour and draw attention.

  • Don’t Go Crazy With Color

You might decide to get some precious stones, bronze items, or even some turquoise to brighten up your look. However, don’t go overboard with this, because lots of color can detract from your look and will just be eye-catching for all the wrong reasons. Keep the color you use to a minimum and you will be good to go. A little bit of color can be interesting, but less is certainly going to be more.

  • Wear A Lot Of Jewelry For Your Best Occasions

Once you figure out how to wear jewelry correctly as a man to where it can enhance your style rather than detract from it, make sure that you aren’t going overboard with your choice of jewelry either. You want to make sure that you are keeping your jewelry tasteful and only really using a lot of jewelry for your best occasions when you really need to dress up and catch the attention of the room.

Otherwise, a small amount of jewelry is fine for normal everyday wear. Once you really get into the world of jewelry for men, you will find that keeping yourself accessorized is a pretty easy feat. Just find the pieces and colors of jewelry that work for you and your needs, and you will be all set!