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3 Smart Ways to Rock the White Shirt

Men often pick whites at almost every alternate occasion where they want to look good and stand out! One just feels good in a white shirt. Everyone cribs over getting few more whites and later on, few more.  Everybody loves white but not all carry it well. Errrr! Here’s for the ones to master the white shirt like a pro.

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1. Keep it Easy:
Don’t try too hard dressing yourself like a mixture to stand out in the crowd. When you wear your white shirt choose minimal colors that don’t obstruct the whole idea of wearing white. Keep it easy! You can try bottoms in beige color. Pale/neutral /earthy tones go really well when wore with them. Khadi pants complement these shirt. Remember to breathe, stay connected to the earth and take it easy while you rock the look like never before.

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2. The Collar Game :
While white shirts are your main, Collar plays the main game on a white shirt. Whether spread, semi-spread, point, French or Chinese, collars steal the initial attention and especially when it’s a white shirt. Our two personal faves are the Spread and the Chinese collar. You can explore more types and try something new that suits your mood. Make sure the collar is crisp and well ironed. A tiny cringe or a slight shrink seen on your collar can spoil the look. Ergo, play the game only to win!

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