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4 Ways To Style Your Sneakers

Nothing like some new kicks to remind you guys how to stomp. Burst the bubble of looking good without being at complete comfort. And then, enter this amazeballs world of sneakers. Sneakers haa! They’re comfortable, they’re edgy, sporty, and sharp and well, they carry so much power and so much style. No matter what you wear it with, no matter what color you wear it, they stand out, and they do!

When we at TheUnstitchd call it out loud KICKS, we mean kicking the street with an edgy, comfy, sporty and a luxurious style. You can pick any designed by Jeremy Scott (The designer for Adidas). The kicks by the designer have so much more drama added to them.  We highlight his Wings collection. Adidas never goes wrong with ‘em kicks. Pick the Puma pair and rock it like never before.  Or grab 5 pairs of Nike, they’re never enough. You need more luxury? Well then, you got many options by Prada.

4 tips for all the Sneakerheads

1. If you cuff your jeans, cuff them in a real good way. Guys love to flaunt the skin line at their ankle and for that; they often cuff their jeans in a wrong manner. Have a look at these below and take in some gyaan.

Image Source

2. Team it up with the blazers and add them to your suit and tie look. Sneakers can never go wrong that way. Take a look at the styles below and add sneakers to any or every look.

Image Source

3. Wear sneakers with sweatpants like re-living a classic sneaker look. Team it up with cool t-shirts and comfy pants and hit the streets in style every time.

Image Source

4. If you want to take it easy, wear a simple white t-shirt and comfy bottoms, team this look with a bright pair of kicks and you’re ready to roll!

In this world of full hate, sneakers can reunite people. Also they make luggage overweight. But who cares.


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