3 Most Popular Blazers for Men 2021

Blazers are fun, cool and mature. These are the top 3 blazers for 2021 that you must invest in!

Blazers are the most convenient elements of fashion for men that are looking for a versatile style. It is acceptable to wear blazers at most work places and can then be carried forwards to parties, dinners, dates and any outings. Men receive a lot of attention in blazers because it is a symbol of confidence and elegance. It is the elitist look! While there are several options to pick from like your classic grey to navy and maybe tweed and herringbone blazers, here we will only discuss what is new in 2021!

1. The Royal Look

Royalty has always been associated to some of the best jackets and blazers in the world. Royals do nothing wrong and we only wish we had their “spoilt for choice” wardrobe. There was a time when only Royals could don the best outfits but now so can you. This season is all about elegant work and embroidered blazers. This is surely a more luxurious and heavy style that is ideal for the events when you need all the attention to be on yourself!

Velvet Blazer Outfit for the Royal Look

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You can pick a blazer with as light or as heavy work on it as you prefer. This is definitely not a versatile blazer that can be worn for any and every occasion. It is a very unique look for only the most special occasions. Tailored blazers fit to your size with customized work on it will be the ideal choice. However, there are several luxury fashion houses involved in such blazers as well.

2. The Designs, Colors and Patterns

2020 has been a year of acceptance, love, colors and expression. This sentiment has been dragged onto the fashion world as well. You will find striped, checkered blazers, floral prints and even if plain blazers, but in colors such as baby pink or cobalt blue. Such blazers are sure to catch every eye and elevate your daytime look to a level where you stand alone in your unique style surrounded by spectators in awe of your style!

Black and White Stripped Blazer Outfit for men

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Multicolored Plaid Blazer outfit for Men

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If you feel shy to go full swing with brightly colored loud and floral patterned blazer, you may as well opt for a sage or a cobalt blue blazer. These colors are definitely more subtle and comfortable to pair. These are more of daytime casual summer blazers as opposed to strict solids.

3. The Modern Cuts

You have lose blazers, long blazers, uneven fit and cut blazers, blazers that combine multiple cuts styles and colors! These looks are most definitely unique and require a lot of confidence to pull off. But it is worth all the efforts because it will give you a unique look! These blazers are not versatile because they can only be worn for informal occasions and parties. However, about time you amplify your wardrobe and pull off a more unique style statement!