How to style your Bomber Jacket – 3 Stylish Looks!

Bomber jacket is very versatile and goes good with anything however, these are the trending looks.

Bomber jackets come in a variety of fabrics, colors, prints and patterns. While there are a lot of options to choose from, because it is spring-summer 2020, the bomber jacket for the summer season is nylon. There are obviously regions that are windy and can use polyester or quilt option, regions that are cold and can opt for leather or suede or moleskin dobby.

We will only discuss the hot 2019 summer runway trends for this article. So while it is ideal that you wear boots, derbies or brogues with bomber jackets, 2019 has been a bit different. We will only discuss the unique 2019 trends. Let us know if you would be interested in a bomber jacket dedicated look-book in the comments below.

1.Colorful and bright

This season has been all about colors, prints and patterns. Thus this applies even to the bomber jacket look. While bomber jackets are essentially for colder and harsher climates, they have made a noticeable appearance even in the spring summer collection of 2019. Its been all about colors and patterns. If you are willing to invest in a summer ’19 special look then fun, colorful and floral jackets are for you

Olive Green Bomber jacket with Blue Ripped Denim Outfit for men

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The colors this season are sage green and baby pink. You may also opt for rustic red or classic cobalt. A plain undershirt and basic ripped denims will work very well with the jacket. This is a very young and casual look of course! Bomber jackets are styled best with brogues or derbies but for this look you may alternatively opt for classic sneakers. Sunglasses will finish off the look very well.

Rustic Red Bomber Jacket with Black Denims for Men

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2.Classic Denim

While bomber jackets are more often than not, styled with denims, the purpose of specifying this look is shedding light on the details. The classic denim look is more mature and closer to the actual vintage style. Your jacket is more subtle in colors like black or darker shades of blue. Even tan works well. Your denims are dark and clean. This is the vintage look and closely resembles the original style.

For this look you should opt for brogues or derbies but the 90s revival look inspires sneakers! It is a good look for dinners or dates. Also, this look is more so all season so it is worth the investment. Formal or casual shirt will work much better than a basic t-shirt. Alternatively, you can also opt for a collared t-shirt. Some men have been spotted styling the jacket with denim shorts even. That is not preferable as the jacket and shorts sort of cancel each other out, but this is all up to you. You may pull off the look pretty well!

3.Cropped Pants and Chinos

This is the classic 2019 look. Cropped pants and ankle length chinos are very summer 2019! Bomber jackets are the perfect addition to this mix. This is a more evening look so you should probably opt for a shirt and brogues or derbies.

You should opt for darker shades of jackets for this option. You may even opt for darker prints and patterns, but it must be an evening look. It is ideal for dates and dinners as well as parties. You can opt for plain dark chinos or plaid cropped pants for this look. Most men pull off a very casual summer look so this will definitely give you an edge and it is a one-time investment.