Back-to-School: Fall 2020 Sneaker Trends To Keep on Your Radar

Thought last year’s chunky dad shoes were finally dunzo? Think again. Sneakers with super-thick heels are predicted to make one last stand in the fall of 2019. This is great news if you’re not quite ready to hang up your Spice Girls flatforms. If you’re ready for something new, however, these four fresh trends for ASICS sneakers, Adidas, and more are poised to take over your closet.


As the husky heel trend wanes, minimalist designs for both men and women are having a moment in 2019. The trend was kickstarted by the lean, clean look of the classic white leather sneaker. Thanks to its sleek profile, it’s incredibly easy to dress up or down, cementing its status as a wardrobe staple.

While the resurgence of the white leather sneaker may have given rise to the trend, simple black and brown leather or suede sneakers are also popular choices. These darker shades of brands such as Vans and Puma sneakers are fall-wardrobe-friendly and easier to keep clean, too.

Tie-Dye and Other Eye-Popping Aesthetics

Good news! You don’t have to dip into the “scumbro” menswear trend modeled by celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Jonah Hill, and Pete Davidson to flaunt your flair for color this fall. Tie-dye has gone mainstream in 2019 for both men’s and women’s shoes. That means you can get your chaotic color fix with a trendy pair of ASICS or Converse sneaks instead of a 4XL Grateful Dead sweatshirt you “borrowed” from your dad.

Tie-dye isn’t the only flamboyant footwear trend for sneakers this autumn. Four other materials and textures are poised to add an extravagant pop of style to closets from coast to coast in 2019 as well:

  • Metallic uppers
  • Neon accents
  • Snakeskin uppers
  • Shearling linings

Visible Tech

The future is now: A variety of sneakers are going high-tech this fall. One Adidas line of running shoes, for example, features computer chips in the tongue, allowing users to connect to the brand’s coaching app and their social media accounts. Nike offers a self-lacing basketball shoe that adjusts to the specific curves of the wearer’s foot electronically. What’s more, many of these tech-boosted shoes utilize bold design elements that show off their tech integration. 

Predictably, these Marty McFly-caliber kicks will set you back quite a few bucks. They’re not just for runners, either; the visible tech trend is set to make its way into athleisure sneakers this fall too.

Hardwood Classics

This fall, what’s old is new again, as old-school basketball shoes prepare to once again take center court. The MVP of this trend is the classic Nike Dunk, which debuted in 1985. With its clean lines and iconic swoosh, it’s a popular throwback pick for sneakerheads both young and old.

Originally designed exclusively for hoops, the low-cut version of the Dunk was ultimately adopted by skate and street culture, too. The streamlined retro shoe has the ability to showcase a seemingly endless array of color combinations, and it’s just one of several vintage b-ball kicks you can expect to see this fall.From spartan white sneakers to Nike shoes that are one technological advancement away from doing your taxes for you, this year’s sneaker trends offer something for virtually everyone. When you head back to school this fall, choose the shoe that not only best fits your foot but also your personal style.