10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Outfit For College

So, you’ve made it there. Now you are officially the student of one of the Australian universities. Classes, presentations, and parties (not necessarily in that order) is your lifestyle 24/7 for the next couple of years. Now it’s time to think about your college outfits. For all of you who are too busy with working on the projects or googling where to find the best assignment help in Australia, we’ve got your back!  Check out these tips on how to keep your look trendy and be remembered as a style icon.

1.    Know the Occasion

The first rule of the perfect outfit is to dress to the occasion. If that’s an official meeting, job fair, or interview, for the sake of your favorite death metal band, save that T-shirt until their next concert. Accept it or not, what you wear tells a lot about you. And you know there is no second chance for the first impression, right?

2. Keep It Comfortable but Not Too Much

Most of the university campuses in Australia are either huge or located throughout the area which means this: you will walk a lot. Trainers and sweatpants are not, actually, a bad idea but wearing that day by day, probably, is. Try the combination of grey denim, striped shirt, and loafers to get a new look.

3. Essentials are Essential

The fashion comes and goes, but the classics will always remain. Like that white T-shirt paired with white sneakers and a checked shirt. Or Chucks, graphic tee, and ripped jeans. Who said that classic means suits

4. Solids and Stripes

No, it’s not about the pool. Actually, it’s about the T-shirts you need to have to create smart, casual, and stylish look but you know what? Rocking a couple of those graphic ones now and then will do no wrong. Even the one with your favorite death metal band.

5. Layer Game

If you came to study in Australia from another country, you will experience the whole range of the moods the local weather has to offer. Apart from doing your homework, you need to get yourself ready to face the outdoors. Because the autumn here is a tricky one, don’t opt for warm, heavy coats. Rather, consider layering as the way to stay comfortable and be able to take that shirt off when the sun suddenly shows up.

6. Shoe Issue

The rule of a thumb: formal shoes require a dressy outfit. And vice versa. Have a pair of classic leather shoes when you throw that suit on. Oh, almost forgot about the socks: they should be a shade lighter/darker than the trousers. And, please, leave the ones with Pokemon for a smart-casual look.

7. 50 Shades of… Denim

Having different denim styles and shades will give many options to mix and match as well as create a variety of looks. The golden rule? Save the lighter shades for the daytime, and wear darker ones for the evening, parties, or semi-formal occasions. Pair them with your favorite sneakers, solid tees and bomber jackets for the effortless look.

8. Fit Matters!

Finding clothes that fit your body shape is the first step to create a stylish look. However trendy those shorts are, if they don’t sit well on you, it’s already a no-no. What to do? Instead of following the latest fashion trends, spend some time to find clothes that fit YOU. Avoid clothes that are too tight or too baggy, leave the extremes for sport.

9. And quality too!

We all had that laundry horror story when one t-shirt colors everything. Buying quality clothes won’t only look better on you; they will also serve you longer than their cheaper, low-quality counterparts. The best part? Wearing high-quality clothes boosts your confidence, so you are ready to face the day!

10. Overdoing: Get Over It!

You might have tons of designer clothing and statement accessories in your wardrobe, but it doesn’t mean you should put it all on you at the same time.  What happens when you overdo it? Right, they will have more attention than you, and it’s not what you have expected. Our advice? Choose the outfit that doesn’t draw attention from the person who wears it.

That’s the basics of college fashion. Are you ready to rock your look?