10 Street Styles for the Bold and Handsome Men!

2019 Street style – 10 poppers!

2019 fashion is all about self-expression. The best style is street style and here we bring to you the 10 stand-out street styles for the Bold and the Handsome!

Street fashion comprises of the gorgeous celeb looks just as they casually stroll down the streets as we gaze upon them, starstruck and in awe!

Here we bring you the 10 Amazing Street Styles 

   1. Man Bags

Man bags are officially here and here to stay so men, get yourselves the bag you will love to carry! It can be a small rectangular sling, a fanny pack or just a basic sling but this season has been about men flaunting their bags. It makes sense from the utility perspective. Black or tan and leather are the main choices here. It has started off subtle and simple but surely marks a change. We are moving towards a gender-neutral society and let’s face it, we all need bags!

Side bag For Men's Street style

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   2. Matching Hues- Couple Goals

It is the year of love and expression. This is the 90s revival and we are so here for it! Couples have been seen wandering around in matching outfits, hues, shades and patterns. After the iconic Britney and JT all denim ensemble, the matchy-couple look is back but this time its bigger and better! Celeb couples can be spotted strolling in themed outfits or matching hues! Black, Sage, Baby pink, sky blue and red are the top choices. The trick is to pick one right shade and make sure it is present in your finished look. You need not dress exactly the same, its not twinning, its loving! Sneakers to finish off the look will just add more to your “couple-goals” as the outfits will be brought together perfectly synchronized from top to bottom! Also, this is not just a “romantic couple” style. Do not be afraid to try this with your best friend or squad!

Black Color Matching Couples Street Style

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   3. Scarves

Be it summer scarves or winter scarves, bright and statement scarves have been seen all over the world. It is the highlight of 2019 street cred. Mainly just wrapped around the neck in a careless manner, these scarves are brightly colored and long. Prints and patterns also won’t hurt the look at all. Also, scarves are excellent to protect you from the sun as well as the chilly winter breeze. It is definitely worth the investment!

   4. Denim over denim over denim over denim

Denim jeans with denim shirt and a denim jacket and maybe some more denim on your shoes and your bag and your cap… we cannot get enough of denim this season! Denims are comfortable and convenient. Also, you will have enough denim in your wardrobe already, the key is just to club all of it together into one giant expression of denim love! Distressed, washed, bedazzled as well as classic – all denim looks work just that well.

   5. Chunky Shoes

Chunky shoes include chunky boots or chunky sport shoes and sneakers. It adds weight and style to the look. Also, chunky footwear adds the street cred to your style. It represents rough, tough, rugged and durable… as these shoes are! Chunky shoes are for adventure and roughing it out so we are all for it. You can easily invest in a pair especially if you love travel and adventure. They are a great investment on account of the durability aspect.

Chunky White Shoes for Men's Street Style

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   6. Hats and Caps

Be it a sun hat or baseball cap, flat cap or fedora, Trilby, Bowler or Panama hat or just any other style, hats and caps are really trending this season. It is safe to jump on this bandwagon and also the added layer of protection will help your head this summer! Brightly colored headgear are definitely more popular but you can invest in something more versatile all year round with darker shades like navy blue, black and grey. Let us know if you would want us to provide a complete hats and caps guide for men.

   7. Shirts and Overcoats

It is definitely hot this season, but not all over the world. We do have some parts that are colder; and this street style essentially represents the cooler temperatures. Colorful shirts and heavily patterned jackets or coats are really popular! Also longer lose fitted coats or shirts are the real style statements here. A smart colorful shirt in linen or cotton will also work in the summers.

   8. Nature Inspired Prints

Animal prints, fruits and flowers etc. on jackets, suits, blazers, shirts and even socks! The ode to nature has never been this aggressive. We are loving colors and prints inspired from nature. Also, these styles are a novelty item and not very easy to come by unless it from a designer. It is time to shift our attention towards nature.

   9. Joggers

Joggers are cool, relaxed and absolutely hassle-free! We love joggers because they are comfortable, practical and very easy to style. Joggers go well with shirts, t-shirts, jackets and the whole package. It is the most comfortable casual or workout outfit and gives the lower body a good shape.

   10.Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers will also include trousers with folded seams to make them appear shorter than what they are. Suddenly it is all about exposing your ankles and while this style is really cool, it is truly high fashion! How you style your cropped pants is a matter of concern. They can be paired with a classic white shirt or a blazer or  even mixed and matched with some other styles! You can try plaid or printed cropped trousers and basic trousers in solid colours also works just fine for the street fashion!