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10 Type Of Waistcoats You Should Have Known Yesterday!

The classic nature of the waistcoat has inspired many designers for centuries. Therefore there are many different styles, cuts and designs of waistcoats designed for different occasions and situations with the sole aim of leaving an unforgettable impression.

From all the different types of waistcoats designed and evolved over time, these are the top 10 most favored and stylish types of waistcoats which are trending and in vogue this season.

10 Different Types of Waistcoats you should know

1. The Classic Waistcoat (WC):

  • Tis the basic waistcoat
  • It has about 6-8 buttons
  • There is a cinch adjuster at the back to make sure the WC fits well
  • In the traditional sense, a belt is not to be worn with a waistcoat. The cinch therefore makes up for the absence of a belt by helping with the fitting.

2. The Donegal tweed WC:

  • A tweed has faint specs of color spread over the entire fabric which gives it a unique look
  • Tweed has great texture and is structurally lightweight
  • Therefore it can be worn even in the summers when usually it’s a pain to layer up
  • A Tweed WC can be very versatile. It can be styles in a casual, formal as well as informal setting
  • However, I like the Tweed WC in an informal setting, like a party, get-to-gathers or dinner with friends or dinner parties or date nights.

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3. The Windowpane WC:

  • Don’t let the name fool or confuse you
  • This is just a patterned WC
  • A Windowpane WC has a checked pattern
  • It is a very bold statement piece
  • If you are wearing something very formal and conservative in monochromes, a Windowpane WC is just what you need to exude some of your personal style to the look
  • It is generally the preferred choice of the confident and stylish gent when donning the three piece suit
  • A Windowpane WC can make any look come to life and look vibrant and suave.

4. The Notch Lapel WC:

  • With the evolution of the waistcoats the designers realized that what would make a WC really ready to stand on its out would be a collar and a lapel
  • In that way a waistcoat could be more like a jacket
  • With this in mind a notch lapel was added to the traditional WC to make it more splendid and elegant.
  • If you do not know about lapels and its different styles and types you can read all about it lapel.

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5. The Peak Lapel WC:

  • After the notch lapel design picked up, designers experimented with the peak lapels on the waistcoats and it worked out splendidly
  • According to me a WC with a peaked lapel is more stylish than one in notched lapel.

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6. The Double Breasted (DB) Waistcoat (6×3)

  • You already know what a DB is, if you don’t you can read about it The Double Breasted
  • A DB waistcoat is essentially similar in principle but is designed as a waistcoat
  • The 6×3 is a very formal and dashing look to sport
  • You can pick either a notched or a peaked lapel for some more spunk.

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7. The DB WC (4×2):

  • According to me a 4×2 is more versatile than a 6×3 especially when trying different look according to the different occasions
  • A rule that one must never forget is DO NOT WEAR A DOUBLE BREASTED WAISTCOAT WITH A DB SUIT like ever. This is a faux pas and let no one tell you otherwise
  • You can try this look with either a notched or a peaked lapel depending on your personal taste.

8. The Double Breasted WC with a Shawl Collar:

  • As the name suggests this is a DB waist coat with a shawl lapel
  • This look is most amicable with a Tuxedo.

9. The Low Cut Formal WC:

  • This is cut slightly lower so as to substitute like a cummerbund
  • It allows you to add some flair to your dress shirt in the form of shirts studs or bibs or pleats and so on.

10. The Leather WC:

  • To be honest, I was surprised when this look popped up in my research. But when I saw how cool and sexy it actually looks, if you have the right attitude to pull it off that is, I became a fan
  • This looks so great when riding a bike or when you are out to have some fun, painting the town red.


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