10 Casual Shirt Trends To Up Your Casual Look!

Casual shirt trends are raging with so many new styles, shades and options. For the purpose of this blog, to narrow down our focus, we will only discuss the latest trends and cover just casual looks. This does not invalidate the shirts already in your wardrobe.

Here are the top 10 trends to look out for with styling options!

1. Checkered shirt

Checkered shirt or checked shirt has made a resurgence and we are glad it did. It has been in the fashion world and there is nothing to discuss about the basic checkered shirt except that it has been brought back to life. The one thing different however is the way it has come back. Checked shirt is the perfect choice for denims. It is also the smart option for cropped pants.

Checks Shirt and White Undershirt Outfit for men

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While men were seen strutting checked shirt with checked or printed or plaid cropped pants but we will suggest to pair it up with solids or distressed denims. If it is hot you can wear just the shirt but if it is humid, it will be a better option to wear it over a white undershirt. The undershirt will absorb your sweat and keep you looking breezy in this heat. Also, white is an optional color obviously. You should match your undershirt with your shirt.

We would suggest denims in a dark shade with a checked shirt for a casual date look. It is smart and mature. Also, it is playful because of the color options. Yes this is an existing style of casual shirt, but the new thing here are the colorful options they come in. Ombre is a good look. But your classic check shirt will also do you justice.

2. Striped Shirt

Like the check shirt, striped shirt again sounds too familiar. It has always been a major part of men’s fashion especially for formals. However casual striped shirts are a big rage this season in colors such as black and white or blue and white or even yellow and white. You have uneven striped shirts and loose fitted striped shirts. They are the perfect beach-ey nautical look and go great with white pants, fedora and loafers or boat shoes.!

Striped shirts can also be worn with an undershirt or shorts or both. It is extremely easy to style and very versatile. This is definitely a must have for the wardrobe. Also if you own a pair of linen or cotton pants, what are you waiting for? Try the look and tag us in the caption and win a chance to be featured on our account!

3. Denim Shirt

Ombre denim shirt, washed out/distressed denim shirt, denim shirts with floral prints on them… the list is endless. There was a lot of denim being strutted on the walks and for all the right reasons. In fact even the denim on denim look was very much all over the place. If denim is too hot for you do not worry, this season welcomes faux denims which is basically cotton washed up to appear like denim shirt.

Casual Denim Shirt outfit for men

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You can also wear it with an undershirt or without, with chinos or denims or cropped trousers and try to keep it casual with sneakers or loafers. Add sunglasses and you have the recipe for the perfect youthful style. This is a great daytime style again. It is great for the beach or an outing with friends or just simply a trip!

   4. Linen Shirt

Linen is more of need for the hour than a style statement but it is a style statement nonetheless. Climate is changing and the fashion world is bringing in new ways to dodge the same. Linens are cozy, comfortable and light. You can never go wrong with linens especially in light shades of lime and salmon and baby pink and baby blue…

Espadrilles and loafers are your best bet with white cotton or linen cropped trousers. Cream or beige will also work just as well. Linen can get a bit see through so if you are looking to flaunt your summer bod, this is the shirt for you. It will not stick to your body and keep you cool and comfortable. If you wish to flex you bod, skip the undershirt! This is also a great boat party/yacht party or beach wear. You can substitute the pants with shorts.

   5. Printed/Patterned Shirt

There is a very minute difference between shirts with prints and shirts with patterns. Print is a type of pattern with the slight difference that it is applied on the fabric. Pattern includes a design woven into the shirt s well, as is the case with self-pattern shirts.
The good news is that we are in for both. However prints are definitely more of trend than patterns. Funky prints, traditional prints, cultural prints are all here to stay. We are loving the colours and combinations. Print shirts are good with cropped pants and patterned shirts are better with chinos and trousers. Leather or suede loafers will be your best bet for finishing this look. Sneakers will also work well.

Casual Printed Shirt Outfits for men

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   6. Vintage White Shirt

The white shirt look is beyond a doubt the best summer shirt to own. It will keep you cool and comfortable. At the same time, white shirts are versatile and will work with denims, chinos, cropped trousers as well as shorts. The look for the season however, is white shirt with denim or chino or cotton shorts and loafers. This is a cool classic style and will up your beach wear style. It is the perfect yacht party style. Sneakers will also work well with this style especially if you own plain white sneakers.

It is comfortable, suave and classic. If you wish to keep it simple and elegant, this is the look for you and it is probably right out of your wardrobe so no burning your pocket for this style! A hat or cap and sunglasses will really amp up your style.

   7. Classic Blue Shirt

Blue is the shade to go for and it is right out of your wardrobe. Nautical vibes are very much all over the fashion world. It is the perfect color for shirt for a day out at the beach or on the boat. This is a good look with khaki or white chinos or cropped trousers. Light blue solid shirt in linen is the best bet for the season. You should finish this look with suede loafers or sneakers.

Linen is a great fabric to invest in especially considering the heatwave brought in by the season. And blue is pretty much an all season color so if you do not prefer buying new outfits every season, this is a year round standard shirt option for you.

   8. Solid Shirts

Solid shirts is fun summer colors are all you need to look trendy this summer. The colors you need to consider are baby pink, baby blue, cobalt blue, sage green, lime, white, Persian blue and rust orange.

These shirts are best paired with shorts for a casual laid back style. Boat shoes or sneakers will be your choice of footwear. If you pair them with linen or cotton pants or chinos, you must opt for suede or leather loafers for an all out smart evening look. With denims, you need smart sneakers to pull off this style. It is a smart evening look and is suitable for an outing with friends, house party or even a pool party. It is great for casual coffee dates as well. This is good classic look suitable for all and you cannot go wrong with the basic casual shirt.

   9. Loose fitted over-shirt/Shirt jacket

This season has seen a lot of versatility in terms of the fit. You have body hugging, comfort fit as well as loose fitted. Casual shirts fall in the last category. While a well fitted crisp casual shirt is also very much in trend, a loosely fitted shirt will give you the fashionable edge. It is suited best for a beachy vibe or for a party or outing.

These shirts are often for a daytime look and will be best paired with linen or cotton cropped pants. If your shirt is lose, a fitted pair of pants will help bring the look together.
Leather loafers or sneakers will work as well as espadrilles. You will also require your trusted sunglasses for this daytime look. A fedora will bode you well. It is like a conversation starter, a wingman.

   10. Floral Shirt

Floral shirts are raging this season. A lot of celebrities are dabbling into this style and making them floral iconic. Colorful yet simplistic floral shirts are what we are bringing out. It is not necessarily the Hawaii-an shirts but they are always a welcome style for the summer.This is out and out a beachy vibe so white pants or cropped chinos and loafers or derbies or sneakers is the look you will love to pull off. A slick back hairstyle along with sunglasses will finish your beach-ey attitude.