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The Mojari Effect

mojri for men

Indian men are at their best in traditional wear. Nothing more impressive than a man in his perfect-sized kurta! Over the last few years, men’s fashion has undergone a revolution and designers now concentrate on more unique and intricate designs. Men’s kurta come in colors like mauve, mint, sea-green etc.The only thing that such look requires to be called ‘complete’ is a good pair of footwear. Now men do opt for the basic black or brown sandals. There are definitely a variety of designs for sandals too. However, nothing more elegant than the perfect Mojari!

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, mojaris are a variety of traditional footwear stitched together using thread. There is an Indian tradition of matching the son’s mojari with his father’s. They were worn by Royal families in India and not only enhance the look but also add elegance to the attire.

However, for your specific designed kurta, it is not possible to find the perfect Mojari. In fact, it is not a preferred option. The perfect hack is to use the excess cloth from your kurta, once it is stitched, for getting your mojari made. This is one of the biggest perks of having your kurta stitched rather than wearing store bought. Also, there is a wide variety of designs in mojaris ranging from colorful embroidery and patterns, colorful threads for stitching to different shapes and styles.

There are several artisans who can stitch your personalized mojari for you. In fact most Indian tailors are skilled to make mojaris from the balance cloth. This brings your outfit together. And your style will always be unique. Don’t go for standard and basic; you need to ‘do you’.

The Mojari Effect
The Mojari Effect


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