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Style Your Jodhpuri Right

Styling Your Jodhpuris made easy

Jodhpuri is a classic example of how much attention is given to mens fashion. No guys, it’s not a woman’s world only!

But we all know that ‘WITH GREAT POWER COME GREAT RESPONSIBILITES’. You cannot just wear a jodhpuri you fit in. You cannot just walk out like that guys! Here are some tips for you to help your attire stand out and give justice to the Royalty!

  • 3 main styles of pants that can be paired with your suit.
    1. The classic straight fit pants. These should be worn for an all formal occasion to add class!

2. Jodhpuri pants. Jodhpuri pants balloon around the hips and narrow down to the ankle. These pants are a style statement! It distinguishes men from the general population. This, in its true sense, symbolizes blue-blood!

3. The churidar pants. These pants are crimped like a churidar but not just around the ankles. they are fitted and accentuate a good body structure.

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  • It is VITAL to include a pocket square. Men have almost forgotten the importance of a pocket square! It is not a handkerchief to wipe your hands with! It is a LIFESTYLE! Use a bright colored and beautiful fabric for your pocket square and make sure that it is the perfect size! Stay tuned in for my next blog which will help you with all you need to know about pocket squares.

  • Jodhpuris are paired with mojaris that HAVE TO BE TAILOR-MADE and match your suit right! However, an additional twist is FORMAL SHOES. My suggestion is a fashionable pair with certain amount of self-design. And the most important thing that you need to know about wearing formal shoes is that WHITE SOCKS ARE NOT FORMAL. Wear good colored socks guys. You may match your pocket square or your suit with your sock. In times of dilemma, always go black!

Remember guys, wear a Jodhpuri that fits you! Not the one you fit in! Never buy a readymade suit. PLEASE get it tailor-made ONLY! Don’t let a fashion statement turn into a fashion disaster. We feel pain when a perfectly handsome man in a great outfit is wasted only because of the size!

Style Your Jodhpuri Right
Style Your Jodhpuri Right
Style Your Jodhpuri Right
Style Your Jodhpuri Right


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