The Mojari Style Guide & Tips

Mojari is a kind of footwear. It belons to the slip on slip off family of shoes. It has a rich history. The handcrafted footwear has origins in South east Asia. The craftsmen fashion the mojaris using leather as base. Fabric, shells, beads, mirrors and so on are used to decorate the mojaris. Artisans traditionally use tanned leather.

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Mojaris are also known as Juttis. The anatomy of a jutti consists of a closed upper attached to a sole using colorful cotton threads. The cotton threads not only intertwines the leather but also makes it look beautiful. Mojris or Juttis often have beautiful embroidery with cowries, mirrors or beads. Threds were used to bind the shoes in opposition.

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Mojaris are the perfect foil to your traditional footwear options. Mojaris or juttis are quite popular in India and South Asia.

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How To Style A Mojari?

  • You can wear a mojaris with a kurta and Churidar or a sherwani
  • You can even try the denim and kurta look with a pair of juttis
  • Juttis or mojaris are associated with north India, with states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and so on and hence it greatly compliments the Churidar – kurta or kurta  – and pajama or jodhpurs but do not go well with the traditional dhoti. It just looks out of place.

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I hope you now know what a mojaris looks like and feels like. Have some fun going traditional!

The Mojari Style Guide & Tips
The Mojari Style Guide & Tips


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