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5 Ways To Style Your Burgundy Pocket Square With The Right Suit

The Burgundy Pocket Square

The pocket square is the charm of a suit because it exudes confidence, charm and actual effort made by a man for his final look. There are different suit shades that the burgundy pocket square will compliment. The pocket square is also a much better accessory if it is combined with a burgundy tie or a bow tie.

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1) Brown

The brown suit is a style statement on its own but you can add spice to this unique style by adding burgundy to the brown suit. It is a very unique style combination that will be complete with a white shirt and black trio of watch, shoes and belt.

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2) Beige

Beige is yet another shade that burgundy will compliment by adding more shade to the look. This look too is complete with the white shirt and the black trio.

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3) Navy Blue

The navy blue suit is one of the most classic looks that will add in elegance and style. It is strong and masculine. the white shirt and black trio is a good choice but you can also switch up by adding brown shoes, belt and watch.

4) Grey

The grey suit in dark shade is what you are aiming for when you wish to cherish your burgundy pocket square. You can also opt for a light grey suit for a more day time look. If the shade is dark you should opt for the black trio and for a lighter shade you should opt for brown trio.

5) Black

Black is the must have suit. It is also a suit that does not provide much room for a unique style statement and here the burgundy pocket square combined with the burgundy tie or bow tie come in. The final look is much more colorful, attractive and appealing.



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