What Should You Know When Styling a Property to Sell

When selling their homes, very few people, if at all, will opt for the second-best price. Everyone will be targeting the ideal buyer willing to pay the maximum price for the house. In that pursuit, home sellers turn to renovation and full property styling by experts like before putting their house up for sale. But there are a few things you need to know before you hire a property styling agency.

Exterior Staging Matters More Than You Realise

When people think of property styling, an inviting living room, warm lighting arrangements, and depersonalising, every corner comes to mind. Though they are a vital part of property styling, you must also consider your property’s street view. How does your property look from your front lane? It must be equally good as the interior.

And that’s because the exterior is the first thing a prospective buyer will see, explains Stringer property management company in Port Charlotte. This creates the first impression in the buyer’s mind. And as the saying is, “The first impression is the last impression.” Therefore, when planning for full property styling, you can’t exclude the exterior.

Decluttering is Key to Success

Most full property styling projects start with a decluttering plan. Here, the designers take a look at your house and choose how much of the stuff should remain as it is and how much should be removed.

Decluttering frees up space that can make a room look spacious and tidy. On the other hand, a cluttered room would make a room look compact, no matter how large it is. A spacious room attracts a higher price, even higher than what you might expect.

Decluttering also involves depersonalisation. So if you’ve styled a wall, room, or corner as per your preference, then you need to neutralise it. The process includes taking out all family pictures, awards and trophies, keys and access cards, toys and things along those lines.

People need to visualise the house as their own before they purchase it. All those personalised items prevent that from happening.

A Staged Kitchen Can Make or Break the Deal

A full property styling should include the kitchen in their plans. That’s because a neat and stylish kitchen can potentially close the deal at a higher price. 

Many people skip kitchen styling because of the cost, which can be expensive. But when you look at the overall value delivered to your house, it makes sense to have a staged kitchen before you bring in a buyer.

You can start with something as simple and inexpensive as cleaning. Clean the tap ware, cabinets, drawers, dishwasher, and other appliances in the kitchen. If possible, you should replace the countertops with a new one. You will be surprised by the new look for yourself.

Minor Upgrades Go a Long Way

Like with other projects, it’s better to keep things simple when styling your property. You can refresh the cabinets or fix any cracks. You can change the bulbs that have blown, install a steel entry door, brush up the walls, vacuum clean the carpets, perfume the property, and so on. Such things cost little to nothing but have a higher ROI. And the best part is you can do it yourself.

Timing is also important when considering a full property styling, especially when you’re looking to sell your home. The ideal time frame is one week before you bring in your first prospective buyer. Many companies provide a free consultation and advice you on other matters that can add up to a few thousand dollars to the final selling price.

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