Signs That Waterproofing Toronto Is Needed

Water can be a cause of great structural damage. It is wrong to wait until there is flooding in your basement to seek basement waterproofing Toronto to repair the damage. Flooding is the last stage; repairing that situation will be risky and cost you a lot of money.

You can avoid final-minute inconveniences by taking every simple sign seriously. Here are some signs that you need repair services from waterproofing Toronto to avoid huge damage.


  • If You Notice The Walls Have Shimmers


If there is an efflorescence process that is taking place in your basement, you will notice that the walls of the basement start appearing sparkly.  The sparkly appearance on the wall is caused by cracks on the foundation, which make any minerals on the wall dumped on its surface.

If you notice these minerals on the wall surfaces, which appear as shimmers, it is a sign that you need to get waterproofing Toronto for your basement.


  • If You Can Smell Damp Air Or A Musty Odor


You can always tell there is possible water damage in your home from the quality of the air you breathe. In most cases, water damage causes a musty odor, and the air you breathe generally feels damp.

If you can smell dampness in the air in your home, moisture has been finding its way into your home for a while. The bad odor can be associated with leakage, and getting waterproofing basement Toronto to do some check-ups and repairs will solve the problem.


  • If You Can See Mould 


Mould grows in moist conditions, and if you can see any grown mould, water has been getting into your basement. 

A musty odor accompanies mould, and only getting rid of the mould is not the solution because it will keep on reoccurring, which can even result in allergic reactions from the musty odor to any member of your household. Some other negative outcomes of musty odor are itchy throat and sneezing.

To avoid all these negative impacts that result from the growth of moulds, you should seek repair from waterproofing Toronto companies because the issue starts from wet basements.

The first instance you notice mould, you should immediately find a waterproofing basement Toronto company to offer their services to prevent chances of possible future damages from your wet basement.


  • Signs Of Watermarks


Your walls or ceiling should not have any watermark signs which appear in the form of stains on the walls or ceiling unless you are very sure of the cause of each specific watermark.  Watermarks on your walls and ceiling are a sign of spillage or water leakage from the foundation.

The Foundation of your house can only leak or spill water from a wet basement. If you notice any watermarks, it is a sign that you need services from waterproofing Toronto as soon as possible to limit the chances of further water damage.


  • Your Walls Start Appearing Bowed


The walls of your basement are subject to expansion and contraction due to external forces such as lateral pressure from the surrounding soil due to the soil’s moisture content. If the pressure exerted on your basement walls is high, your walls will crack or even shift.

If you realize that your basement walls appear to be uneven/bowed as time passes, it is a sign that water is finding its way into your basement. 

Any cracked or bowed wall is a sign that you need basement waterproofing Toronto for their services before the issue magnifies and messes up with the whole structure of your house.


  • If There Is Radon Gas In The Air In Your Home


Radon gas is a natural gas that is only produced by uranium breakdown from rocks, the smell of soil, or underground water. Radon gas can cause lung cancer, which is only noticeable if an air quality test is done.

It is necessary that you carry an air quality test at your home from time to time. If you detect the presence of radon gas, you should consider hiring waterproofing basement Toronto for their services.

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