13 Amazing Garage Storage Ideas for Homeowners

There’s no fit-it-all plan that you can adopt to store all your items properly in your garage. However, some essential tips can help you manage your garage the right way. We have listed thirteen garage management tips you can adopt to declutter your garage in no time – let’s dive in!

  • Utilize the Ceiling Space

Most of us ignore overhead space when we think about managing the garage. One of the best ways to stash the seasonal items you don’t use regularly is using an overhead garage system like E-Z Glide Tote Slide

An overhead storage system is easy to use and install. If you’re a DIYer, you can easily install an overhead storage system in your garage with simple tools. Compare overhead storage systems available online to choose the best one for your garage. 

  • Stack Storage Bins Vertically 

Bins make it easier to store items and access them. However, storage bins can make your garage look “cluttered” if they are not stacked properly. You have to ensure that storage bins don’t cover all the floor. 

The best way to put the storage bins in place is using a storage tower. Building a storage tower for your garage is not difficult. You can watch videos online to learn how you can install a storage tower in your garage. 

  • Create a Cabinet for Car Products

Car care products can fill up your garage in no time. Therefore, you must ensure that you store your auto lubricants, fluids, and other important items correctly. Having a separate cabinet for car care products in your garage is a better option. 

You don’t need a “fancy” cabinet to store your car care products. A simple vertical cabinet can do the job, or alternatively, you can use storage bins to keep all your car care products in one place. 

  • Use Canvas Storage Bags

Seasonal items like artificial plants can get dirty or spoiled in your garage. You can use simple canvas storage bags if you don’t want these seasonal items to get dirty. 

The best thing about canvas storage bags is that they are super affordable. Other than that, these bags don’t require special care, and you can place them on the floor or in overhead space. Make sure you choose canvas storage bags of the right sizes for your different items. 

  • Get Corner Shelves

We all have cabinets or shelves throughout our garage but forget about the nifty “corners.” At first glance, it might look like the corners can’t help you store items. But you can have shelves in all corners of your garage to store small items like spray bottles. 

Getting shelves in the corners is not difficult at all. The pre-existing studs can help you make shelves that are easy to reach and don’t clutter up the space. 

  • Put Items in Storage Tubes

You’re not alone if you think storage bins and shelves can look “boring” in your garage. If you don’t want to install shelves in your garage anymore, then the best thing you can do is use storage tubes. 

Simple storage tubes are made of recyclable materials like cardboard. You can buy these tubes online and use them right out of the box. It’s better to place the storage tubes away from the garage door, so you don’t bump into the tubes whenever you enter your garage. 

  • Install Sliding Shelves

The best way to utilize the sidewalls of your garage is to install sliding shelves. These shelves add 50% more space compared to regular shelves and are easier to use. Installing these shelves by yourself in your garage is not an easy task unless you’re a “Pro DIYer.”

Therefore, if you want sliding shelves to get more free space in your garage, you should rely on a professional. 

  • Keep Garage Floor Clean

Putting items on the garage floor is not a good option at all. If you don’t want to bump into all kinds of things when you enter your garage, you have to keep the garage floor clean.

Boots and shoes are one of the most common items people leave on the garage floor. It’s better to use a shoe rack in your garage to stack all your shoes in one place and ensure that your garage floor is clean. 

  • Get Help from Hooks

Putting bulky items that don’t fit nicely on shelves or overhead storage is using hooks. Simple hooks on the walls allow you to hang heavy items that can’t sit on shelves otherwise. You don’t need any fancy gear to put hooks on your garage walls. A simple drill and hammer can allow you to put hooks on your garage walls – even if you’re not a DIYer.

  • Label All Items

It can get hard for you to find the items if you don’t label anything in your garage. If you don’t want to waste your time and find items in your garage in no time, then you should label everything the right way. 

Proper labeling of all items in your garage is not difficult at all. All you need is a permanent marker to label different items in your garage. Or you can use stickers to label the items effortlessly. 

  • Put Seasonal Items up High

You don’t have to keep the items on shelves that you are not going to use regularly. It’s better to stack all the items you’ll use the next season on overhead shelves. Doing so will ensure that the items you are going to use regularly are within your reach, and you can access them anytime you want. 

  • Buy Rectangular Trash Cans

Most of us have trash cans in our garage to get rid of the trash. However, if these trash cans are not placed carefully, they can cover a lot of space. It’s better to use rectangular trash cans in your garage to ensure that they don’t get in your way when you enter the garage. 

  • Use Pegboards

Pegboard is easy to install and use. They can be placed nicely on the sidewalls of your garage. You can use pegboards to store any items that you will use regularly. Make sure you buy a pegboard so you can hold office supplies and accessories in place. 

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