How to incorporate a cozy chaise lounge in your master suite

Is your bedroom missing some comfortable seating with character? In addition to storage benches and ottomans, the chaise lounge is a popular choice for bedroom seating. There is no need for them to match your existing furniture or décor, and as such a chaise lounge gives you the opportunity to really show your personal flair.

But where do you put the chaise? You want it to stand alone and be a statement piece, but you also need it to work with the rest of the room. The easiest option is to create a private reading and napping corner. Here’s how to make the most of this idea.

Choose an unused corner or an oddly shaped alcove

The best way to fit a chaise lounge into your bedroom is to make use of an oddly shaped open area not suitable for most other purposes. This is a great way to add a chaise without having to rearrange your existing bedroom furniture and décor.

If you don’t have such an area in your master bedroom, the next best thing to an alcove is a corner of the room. A chaise doesn’t necessarily take up a lot of space, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to arrange your bedroom furniture in a way that opens up a corner. 

Finding a chaise lounge with flair

Once you know where you are going to put the chaise, you should have some idea of what size the chaise should be. Don’t forget to leave room to maneuver around the chaise and between the chaise and the privacy screen. Browse online furniture stores to discover options that fit your space and personality. Select a cozy chaise lounge in your favorite color first.

Pair with a small accent table or nightstand with shelves or drawers

The versatility of this space only increases when you add other pieces to the corner. A small accent table gives you a place to rest a book or beverages. If you get one with a shelf, you will also have space to organize mending supplies, reading glasses, pen and paper, tape measure, safety pins, and anything else you might need in the area. 

Another option is to choose a nightstand that has both a drawer and a shelf. This gives you the most versatility, which is important if you will be sewing, knitting, crocheting, or sketching while in the corner.

Choose a decorative privacy screen

A privacy screen is yet another opportunity to be creative and show your own personality. There are so many options for privacy screens online that you will easily be able to find one that matches your passions or hobbies. The privacy screen makes this corner or alcove a cozy retreat.

Don’t forget the lighting

An isolated corner isn’t going to have much light, to begin with, but after adding the privacy screen it won’t leave much space for light to get through. No matter how you are using your chaise, you need to be able to see sufficiently. A popular solution for homeowners is to add a small overhead light or lit ceiling fan above the area, but if you are renting or don’t want to change the room itself you can get a similar effect with a tall floor lamp. For more versatile light get a floor lamp with multiple adjustable fixtures.

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