How to Choose an Architect for an Extension

Construction is a never-ending process. We always find ourselves making adjustments like extensions, remodeling of rooms, partitioning, and many other modifications. The most important aspect is to ensure that quality is maintained to make sure the modification does not affect the rest of the building. Many consider remodeling their premises through an extension. It can be as small as a bathroom extension to a big as doubling the house. Regardless, these extensions cost a lot of money and therefore need proper planning. If you know how to choose an architect for an extension, you get value for your money. Below are some of the tips to help you choose an architect for an extension.

Have an Idea of What You Want

It is important to know how to choose an architect for an extension well. But before engaging one, have an idea of how you want the extension to be. This will include the size of the extension, number of rooms, materials to be used, and space available, among other things. This information will give the architect an idea of what you are after and advice on whether they can take the job or not. They can also give you the expected cost.

Find an Experienced Architect

If you have no idea of how to choose an architect for an extension, you can research through word of mouth or online for renowned architects in your locality. Find out from friends and family who know how to choose an architect for an extension and they will recommend the best one for the job.

You can visit some of the sites they have worked on and make a judgment on who would meet your expectations. There are sites you can visit online that can also recommend architects with the best reviews. This will give you confidence in their work and peace of mind.

Find an Architect Who Takes Your Ideas into Consideration

At the end of the day, the extension should meet its intended purpose. Your input should guide the architect on what to do to meet your expectations. Your architect should be someone you can approach about anything and should be flexible enough to make any changes as you progress. And if you know how to choose an architect for an extension, you will not have a challenge with this.

Find an Architect Who Can Work with Your Budget

Have a clear plan of the funds you are willing to spend on the extension and insist on sticking to the budget. Find an architect that can work around your budget but does not compromise on quality. Architects may have many ideas you can consider, but they should be within your budget and necessary. They should also advise on better alternatives that can save money.


Although an extension is not as expensive as building a new house, proper planning is necessary to ensure that it meets its intended purpose. Knowing how to choose an architect for an extension will ensure that the extension does not compromise the original building and meets its purpose. The bottom line is that you get an architect that you are comfortable with and has the knowledge and expertise to carry out the work.

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