6 Genius Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks

I have seen tons of germ freaks and, on the other hand, one hell of a lazy monster. Not to complain, but my wife is one of those people. Cleaning dusty windows or a dirty oven is time-consuming work, and if you are inert as hell, there will be bacteria coming out of your stuff.

Do you wish for some more straightforward cleaning methods? So, to make your life easier, we bring to you six genius time-saving cleaning hacks which are even as limp as you can handle very smoothly.

Get rid of dust and crumbs with the help of lint rollers

Lazy persons never hesitate to spend pennies to buy some cleaning tools. Lint rollers are the perfect equipment that can be used to clean the lampshades or dust under your furniture. The long neck can be used to pull crumbs that are situated at the corner of your desks or drawers.

Remove permanent marker ink from the wood surface

Believe it or not, the solution to this cleaning is money! Use a one-dollar bill and gently rub the surface where the ink fell. It is not a guaranteed fix, but the ink is gradually coming off in most cases.

Remove stains using oil

Oil is composed of organic compounds that work best, removing the stains from pouring grease over one surface. Take a towel and pour some oil in it, and start to rub the grease surface over a couple of minutes. After the stain has been removed, buff using a soft cloth to remove the residues. Additionally, check websites to know about new DIY cleaning tips. 

Efficiently clean your microwave oven

Microwaves are a great alternative when it comes to saving time during cooking. But cleaning them takes an inversely enormous amount of time.

But there is a cleaning hack to do it within a reasonable amount of time. Pour some white wine vinegar into a bowl and place it under the oven and let it cook for some minutes. You will observe that the interior compartment got steamy, and you can repeat this process if you are not satisfied with the cleaning on the first try.

Remove pet hair using rubber gloves

According to our list of 6 genius time-saving cleaning hacks, this one will come in handy for pet owners. If you own a dog or cat, it is troublesome work to remove the pet hairs.

All you must do is put on a pair of damp rubber gloves and rub the surface where you think is the possibility to get most of the pet hairs.

Cleaning windows

Many of us do not know that thing is best for cleaning windows. Have you ever heard of the cloth composed microfiber fabric? Just add a small portion of liquid disinfectant and wipe the windows up and down.

The difference in using microfiber cloth is that it brings out the glaze in the window surface.


Suppose you see someone struggling with all the cleaning chores they have left. Do not forget to shower them with about six genius time-saving cleaning hacks. It is healthy to stay clean and make others addicted to the same habit. We hope this article was helpful to you. Thanks, and you are welcome!

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